It’s almost time to start the countdown for the Blindspot premiere! We can’t believe season 3 is almost here! Is anyone else jumping from excitment like us? As always, in the final days of this hellatus hiatus, we bring you another article about our favorite show, this time about ourRead More →

Blindspot will return to our screens in just three weeks! Are you excited? We can’t wait! To prepare for the new season, however, we need to revisit some things, so today we’re taking a look back at the best and worst things about Season 2. Ready? Here we go! 5Read More →

Blindspot fans keep getting good news (and we love it)! This time, thanks to Blindspot France we have a video with unseen Season 3 scenes and with comments from the actors about where the new season finds their characters.  Also, thanks to the same medium, we can see a new SeasonRead More →

We’ve got news, Blindspot fans! Martin Gero, executive producer of Blindspot, loves to give scoops ahead of our favorite show; and we love him for it, we really do. Thanks to TvLine we have new information about one of our favorites, Roman. Gero confirms that he is behind Jane’s new tattoos: “ItRead More →

A question that many Blindspot fans have asked, especially after the end of season 2 is: what is the difference between Jane and Roman? Why was she able to change and redirect her life while Roman has been unable to do so?. Although both had a seemingly equal past untilRead More →

Our love for Blindspot has survived this long hellatus hiatus, but we have to admit, we’re very anxious for it to return to our screens, we miss so much our favorite show and specially Jeller AKA that OTP that drives us crazy. Because, honestly, despite driving us crazy, they’re oneRead More →

Blindspot fans are in luck! We have fresh spoilers thanks to TVLine. And special attention Jeller and Zapata/Reade fans, we have very good news for you! (To give you an idea, as a fan of these two wonderful couples I’m jumping with happiness as I write this article). The seasonRead More →

Blindspot will return to our screens in a short time, just over a month and a half (Friday, Oct. 27 on NBC). Are you excited? We can’t wait! All the Blindspot team has earned our love, specially Jane and Weller, and we need them back as soon as possible. WhileRead More →

Good news Blindspot fans! A new actress has joined the cast for Season 3, Tori Anderson, who previously appeared  in “No Tomorrow.” Tori will have a recurring role in this season, as reported in exclusive by EW. The actress will play Blake, a charming socialite who Roman (Luke Mitchell), becomesRead More →