I’m not going to lie, the beginning….no, 90% of this season finale for Bluff City Law was on point. We had our dream team fighting the good fight, and making people’s lives better. We even had a couple tense moments where we thought everything was going to go wrong forRead More →

From that Sydney/Robbie hug to Elijah Strait confronting his past, here are 5 moments we can’t stop thinking about from Bluff City Law‘s “Need to Know.” Beware, family feels make an appearance when it comes to Sydney & Emerson or Della and her son and we regret nothing! 1. SydneyRead More →

Bluff City Law took on a case that divided me, friends, and the characters themselves in “The All-American.” Like they do every week, they pushed on and ended up in territory where they changed everyone’s life for the better. Also Della, my badass mama, deserved better than a son makingRead More →