As if NBC hadn’t, already, surpassed by far our expectations as a television network after it heroically rescued Brooklyn Nine-Nine from cancellation doom at the end of spring, it seems like the network execs keep trying to amaze. That’s right. What had initially been conceived as a 13-episode new season of theRead More →

Now that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has officially wrapped its fifth year with a whopping finale, we can officially start going crazy about what season six has in store for us when the show returns. Don’t blame us, after the emotional rollercoaster that was Fox’s cancellation followed by NBC’s hero-like rescue onlyRead More →

Guys, we made it. After five long, arduous seasons of will-they-won’t-they, after Sophias and undercover missions, after mob bosses and Florida, hell, even after jail, we finally made it. Jake and Amy are married. And I am still a crying mess on the floor. It has been a wild ride,Read More →

Like a beautiful phoenix rising from its ashes, like Jesus himself coming back to life after his death, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has resurfaced from its cancellation fate and brought back by our now true lord and savior, NBC. Seriously, they have saved our collective asses. Thanks are in order, NBC. TheRead More →

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been cancelled, and everything is most definitely not okay. To quote Community’s always on-point Abed, we are living in the darkest timeline. I know what you’re going to say. So many shows deserve to be renewed and are cancelled! Why is Brooklyn Nine-Nine any different? It metRead More →

If the last couple Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes have taught us anything, it’s that this show does comedy remarkably well. We already knew this. We’ve known for years. But the brilliant thing about this ensemble comedy is it’s admirable capacity to shift the tone of an entire episode into something darker,Read More →

Few shows manage to sustain a hilariously consistent tone throughout their entire run. Even fewer manage to run for five years without having ups and downs in their writing. Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn’t one of those shows. There’s an amazing quality to this show that’s worthy of celebration: it manages toRead More →

It’s getting increasingly harder to rank the latest Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes from funniest to least funniest. This second half of season five has been so steadily hilarious, the lines begin to blur when we try and figure out which, exactly, is the funniest episode we’ve seen. And if that’s notRead More →

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s double episode seemed to open a whole lot of storylines for a show that’s still waiting for a season 6 renewal. On one hand, “NutriBoom” seemed to set up a pretty established big baddie that low-key threatened Jake and Amy’s security. And on the other, “DFW” introduced us to noneRead More →

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has the healthiest relationships on television right now. Actually, it has the healthiest relationships in the history of television, ever. It’s probably due to the fact that its genre —a comedy— allows them to bypass the drama and the unhappiness that, specifically, romantic relationships rely on to keepRead More →

Bottle episodes are not always the best. They’re there to fill in gaps, and usually, the physical limitations of production work against the show. Unless the writers have been able to sustain actual character storylines and development throughout the season, half of the time, bottle episodes don’t work because charactersRead More →

This week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine had a lot to tackle. Probably one of the show’s fastest-paced episodes ever, it surprised us with a beloved foe returning and a weirdly delicious friendship intriguing us. Plus, it featured the return of the Official Rosa Díaz Theme Song. You guessed it: the Pontiac Bandit wasRead More →

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returned last night with its twelfth episode after three long, agonizing months of hiatus. Arguably not the best set-up for any show to return to air. In those months, fans had time to speculate, guess, and hypothesize as to what our favorite squad would be up to whenRead More →