Christmas Movies

See Some New Behind The Scenes Photos From ‘The Princess Switch: Switched Again’

We love to see behind the scenes. Netflix is feeding into that love that we all have with these behind the scenes pics from The Princess Switch: Switched Again.

Fangirlish Countdown to Christmas: “The Holiday”

On today’s Countdown to Christmas review, we’re looking at one of those modern classics everyone loves: The Holiday.

Fangirlish Countdown To Christmas: ‘Die Hard’

Christmas is coming up, and here at Fangirlish we are counting down by reviewing our favorite Christmas movies. It’s the turn of Die Hard, an iconic movie from our childhood that began a successful saga that has accompanied us as we grew up.…

See The Photos For Hallmark Channel’s ‘Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas’

You know we’re trash for a holiday movie and this one has us excited. See the pics for Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas!

Fangirlish Countdown To Christmas: ‘A Cookie Cutter Christmas’

Normally I don’t have anything bad to say about a @hallmarkchannel movie, this one bored the fuck out of me.

Kissing Through Plexiglass? That’s Lifetime in the Age of Covid for You

Yes, you heard that right. Kissing through plexiglass. We knew the coronavirus was going to force people to get creative, but we have to admit we didn’t see this one coming. Though perhaps we should have. I mean, we joked…

Fangirlish Countdown To Christmas: ‘The Princess Switch: Switched Again’

The Princess Switch: Switched Again is the best Christmas movie of the year. We said what we said.

Fangirlish Countdown To Christmas: ‘Enchanted Christmas’

In todays Countdown to Christmas we’re talking about Enchanted Christmas and we have to admit – we LOVE it!

Fangirlish Countdown To Christmas: ‘Candy Cane Christmas’

Candy Cane Christmas is the type of Christmas movie that makes me want to sip hot chocolate and get in the holiday spirit.

Fangirlish Countdown to Christmas: ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’

The 2000 release of How the Grinch Stole Christmas will always be my favorite version. Sure, when I was little, I just thought it was funny and I didn’t love the 1966 Dr. Suess version as much. I would laugh…

Fangirlish Countdown To Christmas: ‘Operation Christmas Drop’

Well… the corner stone of Christmas Movies is chemistry and #OperationChristmasDrop is lacking just that.

Fangirlish Countdown to Christmas: “A Christmas Carol”

A Christmas Carol is the quintessential Christmas tale. So we’re ranking adaptations!

Fangirlish Countdown to Christmas: “Miracle on 34th Street”

We’re counting down to Christmas by looking at one of the classics: Miracle on 34th Street.

See Photos For ‘Dolly Parton’s Christmas On The Square’

Is there anything better than a Dolly Parton movie to celebrate the holidays? We’ll give you the answer… NO. We can’t wait for this one.

Fangirlish Countdown to Christmas: “On The 12th Date of Christmas”

On the 12th Date of Christmas is one of the best Hallmark Christmas movies. Join us as we discuss why!

Fangirlish Countdown to Christmas: ‘National Lampoons Christmas Vacation’

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a classic Christmas movie to me. It is one that is on my list to watch every year, along with Elf, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Now,…

Fangirlish Countdown To Christmas: ‘It’s Christmas, Eve’

‘It’s Christmas, Eve’ is one of my favorite @Hallmark Christmas movies, because of all the meet cutes!

Fangirlish Countdown To Christmas: ‘Christmas In Rome’

Christmas in Rome is a cute movie that will make you want to honor tradition and fall in love.

‘Holidate’ Is The Rom-Com I Needed

Holidate is great. Just know you’ll fall in love with Luke Bracey. Sorry, not sorry.

Fangirlish Countdown To Christmas: ‘Christmas At Pemberly Manor’

Christmas at Pemberly Manor is a cute love story filled with Christmas spirit and one that I can’t stop watching.

See The Trailer For ‘Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square’

You’ll never be to convince me that Dolly Parton doesn’t save Christmas. The woman is an American icon who does so much for everyone. She saves everything. So hey, it’s only natural that she is part of every holiday. Sorry,…