Look, I’ve been a fan and a detractor of Designated Survivor’s Tom Kirkman in equal measure. A fan because, of course, the man represented everything we would ever want in a public official, he was honest, he was hardworking, he cared – in fact, you might even say he caredRead More →

There are two big problems with Designated Survivor right now, or at least two big ones – the smaller ones are just too numerous to count and I just don’t have the time or inclination to list them. Let’s focus on the big picture here. Number one: No one knowsRead More →

Remember when this show was about abstract politics and idealism and not about who we are as people? Yeah, I don’t either. After a season of conceptual problems, a season mostly planned in a world where Donald Trump was not President of the United States, Designated Survivor has approached Season 2Read More →