Walkers are falling from the sky, Ofelia is ready to check out, and Nick is challenging the local gangs in this week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead titled “Los Muertos.” For the second half of the season we’re shuffling the deck and testing out new dynamics and relationships. It’sRead More →

Nick goes on an existential journey covered in blood in Fear the Walking Dead‘s mid-season premiere titled ‘Grotesque’. And while we missed Madison, Alicia, Victor, Chris, and Travis dearly, it was good to see the lengths this survivor is willing to go to prove a point. Nick can’t die. The Good – It’sRead More →

Looks like Nick Clark isn’t going to be taking a shower anytime soon! Fear the Walking Dead has just released the first solo picture of Nick Clark, played by Frank Dillane, over on Entertainment Weekly. And he’s filthy! Check it out below: We had hopes for him when he seemed toRead More →

If you’re like us, you’re suffering from walker withdrawal. The Walking Dead doesn’t start until the fall and Fear the Walking Dead has followed in its sister shows footsteps to leave us with a cliffhanger that left us yelling, “What?!” at our TV screens. (Both were truly painful moments.) Fortunately,Read More →

Our survivors have finally hopped off the boat and are treading land in Fear the Walking Dead’s “Sicut Cervus.” As usual everything’s not as it seems almost immediately. (Did we really expect anything else?) Parishioners have been killed by the local ranch hand who believes that the dead are stillRead More →

Blood versus bond is explored in Fear The Walking Dead’s ‘Captive.’ Our survivors have been separated against their will and have to tread the waters of their first captive situation! (There should be a punch card for this.) It’s a zombie apocalypse milestone that all survivors must go through. ThingsRead More →

Chaos ensues when strangers take over the Abigail and imprison them in Fear the Walking Dead’s “Blood in the Streets.” Helping others out on the water only leads to your people being kidnapped. Here’s hoping they take this as a life lesson for the future. Let’s dive right in! Strand’s gotRead More →

It’s another adventure of ‘narrowly avoiding death while on land, before returning to the safety of our ship’ for our survivors on Fear the Walking Dead. ‘Ouroboros’ finally gave us a glimpse of the aftermath of Flight 462. It’s a gritty reminder to our wandering teens, cuz children always wanderRead More →

You would think after the terror they encountered on the water, our survivors would be on the lookout 24/7. Instead they headed to shore to play house and forget their problems in Fear the Walking Dead’s ‘We All Fall Down’. That’s the best way to spend your time, right? Let’sRead More →

Praise be to AMC for giving us more Fear the Walking Dead. In Sunday’s premiere, titled “Monster,” we join Madison, Travis, and all our other lovely survivors as they make their escape to Abigail. Now, while I’m glad to have more walkers in my life, I’m not happy with theseRead More →

Do not panic, The Walking Dead fans. Fear The Walking Dead is here to soothe your hiatus aching heart. Before we join our survivors on the Abigail, let’s look through our wish-list for Season 2. We’ve got a MIGHTY need for pasts revealed, wadding in the water zombies, and someRead More →

In case you missed it, this past weekend the cast of Fear the Walking Dead got together at Paleyfest. While they discussed details about its second season (premiering Sunday, April 10 @ 9/8c on AMC) many couldn’t help but ask Alycia Debham-Carey (Lexa) about her departure from The 100. HerRead More →

AMC treats us to new bonus features set to be released with the Fear the Walking Dead: Season 1 Special Edition DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital HD on March 22. One guides us through the infected of Los Angeles, the prosthetics and makeup that transform ordinary people into creepy walkers. TheRead More →

AMC teases us with the cover photo for Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead. The ominous skull illuminated in the clouds promises death, isolation, and more pain than they ever thought imaginable. The yacht they escaped on isn’t their final destination. After a brief flash forward our survivors willRead More →