Who would have thought? Not me. If you’d asked me at any point past season 2 if I thought this show was going to end up giving me a damn near perfect ending, I would have laughed in your face. And yet here we are, with the kind of endingRead More →


Okay, this is going to sound unbelievable, but I have really, really enjoyed season 5 of Fringe so far. In fact, this might be my favorite season of the show ever, or at the very least, my favorite since season 2. Yes, it’s bleak as hell. Yes, they gave usRead More →

Hi, hello, I’ve just watched the nineteenth episode of season 4 of Fringe, aka the weird one of every season, and let me just say this …that was the best of all the weird episodes you’ve done, show. To be fair, I both love and hate this trope. I loveRead More →

Well, the angst – the romantic one, at least – is mostly over, at least for now, so I can breathe again. I imagine it’ll come back at the end of the season of Fringe, because of course it will, this is a TV show, but I’m just going toRead More →

It seemed a bit silly to stop and write this anywhere before Fringe 3×08, as the first eight episodes were part of a mini-arc: The tale of Fauxlivia and the dumb people around her, featuring real Olivia in trouble. Does that opening paragraph give you a sense of where myRead More →


Well, that’s what I call progress. Or TV progress, I guess, as things took a step forward and then, seemingly, two steps back (at least when it comes to Peter and Olivia). But hey, Fringe gave us a bunch of answers re: Walter and Peter, so I’m not going toRead More →