There are some television shows that are so iconic that they define a generation. Friends will forever be one of those television shows. It’s frequently on in reruns and people like me don’t care that it’s a rerun. We’ll watch it over and over again regardless. Friends will forever beRead More →

I have found that most people are either a coffee or tea drinkers. People definitely had a preference. I, myself, am not a tea drinker, but I do appreciate all the great things that you can get to make tea. So we’re helping you out with Fangirlish Gift Guides andRead More →

Self-care. It means something different to everyone. But can always be changing. For me – self care changes with the day. It changes with the time. It is ever evolving. And I am all about it. Self-care is important for anyones mental health and so getting people gifts for self-careRead More →