Gossip Girl

Laura Benanti Joins The Cast of ‘Gossip Girl’

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Sebastian Stan Celebrates The 13th Anniversary Of The ‘Gossip Girl’ Premiere

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‘Gossip Girl’ Showrunner Joshua Safron Provided An Update On The Reboot

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Ed Westwick Is Still Not Relevant And A Garbage Human Being

Ed Westwick should just change his bio to, “Hi, I am an actor and a problematic piece of shit, willing to do whatever it takes to make myself relevant again.” Only I am thinking he doesn’t get what relevance means…

Has Ryan Reynolds Seen His Wife In ‘Gossip Girl’?

I fucking love Ryan Reynolds. The man has a special way of communicating things. One that makes you wonder if he’s an asshole, but also one that makes you know he’s not. He’s just really fucking funny. In the time…