I’ll be honest; Bane has never really interested me as a Batman villain. “I Am Bane” did not change that. The title character was far less interesting than the woman holding his leash, and her vendetta against Bruce Wayne and Barbara Kean. Bane felt like a plot device to executeRead More →

Have you been finding yourself stuck in a TV show slump? Not sure what to spend an hour of your life watching? Well, have no fear. Fangirlish is here to help you out. Here is our list of the five shows you should be watching: 1) Roswell, New Mexico WhileRead More →

“The Trial Of Jim Gordon” marks Erin Richards’ debut as a director, with a script written by Ben McKenzie. They created pure gold. The episode is loaded with so many of the things I love about Gotham: Favorite characters and heartfelt conversations, mixed with life-threatening crises. It was a little lessRead More →

“Ace Chemicals” is loaded with chemistry. There’s the sizzling kind between fan-favorite couples, the soothing kind between friends who have become family, plus the explosive kind between deadly enemies. And then there was the big explosion that leveled Wayne Manor! Continuing their “pull out all the stops” approach for thisRead More →

A lot happens in “13 Stitches.” There are surprising teamups, big revelations and a long-awaited return. Directed by series star Ben McKenzie, the episode sets the stage for Gotham’s remaining seven episodes. We start to see why the GCPD teamed up with some of its worst adversaries in the seasonRead More →

“Pena Dura” is one of the best Gotham episodes we’ve seen. We get the answer to a mystery, some wonderful character interactions and a setup to the rest of the season. Along with Gotham’s usual side of insanity! Solving The Riddle We finally have the answer to what’s going onRead More →

Well, that was quick! “Ruin” brought us the long-awaited return of Jeremiah, but he didn’t get to stick around long. Selina succeeds in her quest for revenge. But you know the drill. This is Gotham. Better check for a pulse! “Ruin” mixes solid procedural with the insanity we expect fromRead More →

This episode of Gotham gives us Penguin as a hero, Selina transforming into a villain, and a much lighter Jim Gordon than we’ve seen – ever. We also get some lovely BatCat moments and a nifty tribute to the Frank Miller Batman, plus  the usual mayhem and a shocker ofRead More →

“Trespassers” gives us more of the weirdness we love in Gotham, while advancing the stories of two of Batman’s future adversaries. We also get more of Jim Gordon’s heroism, Harvey Bullock’s faithful support and Barbara Kean’s quest for revenge against the Penguin. We don’t get any Penguin in this episode,Read More →

“Year Zero” is one hell of a start to Gotham’s final season. It’s a perfect mix of everything we love about the show. We get some mysteries (the main one in the opening flash-forward sequence), plus the emotional ties between the characters, the machinations of the villains, and the dedicationRead More →

Gotham returns to FOX for its final season in four weeks. The network has released a teaser video to whet our appetites. It gives us a quick recap of the end of Season 4, and a taste of the no man’s land Gotham has become since being cut off from theRead More →

Gothamites, rejoice! Gotham is returning to FOX on January 3, 2019! AND… it’s getting TWO MORE EPISODES! Yes, I’m excited. Gotham is my DCTV happy place, and I’m thrilled this Batman origin story is getting a little more time to unspool. Gotham star Camren Bicondova shared the premiere date onRead More →

Break-out star, supporting actor/actress, whatever you want to call it, you know it when you see it. It’s the magic created by the character who isn’t billed as the star, but most certainly has the screen presence to command any scene. Whether their ability lies in their sly humor, theirRead More →

I’ve said before that Gotham is not and never will be Mayberry. It’s no shining city on a hill. It’s an urban hellscape, a waking nightmare, a long tall glass of absinthe with an LSD chaser. But it’s still the setting of my DCTV happy place. While a few episodesRead More →

Just about four years ago, I sat in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con with thousands of other fans to watch the world premiere of Gotham. At the time it was pitched as the gritty origin story of both Bruce Wayne and his ally, James Gordon. The pilot was fascinating,Read More →

Just hours before FOX holds its UpFront presentation in New York, Variety is reporting that Gotham has been renewed for a fifth and final season. Season Five will focus on Bruce Wayne’s transformation into Batman, paying off the long and winding origin story that started with the murder of ThomasRead More →

“One Bad Day.” Three words that are the foundation of the Joker’s philosophy, that just one bad day can drive a person insane. In the comics universe, the idea is also the foundation of “The Killing Joke,” one of the most shocking Batman stories ever told. With the title “OneRead More →

When Jerome Valeska is at the center of a Gotham episode, you know you’re in for a good story, and “That Old Corpse” is no exception. But wait – isn’t Jerome dead? As if that’s EVER been a problem in Gotham! But the Revolving Door of Villain Resurrection aside, rememberRead More →

You can’t keep a good corpse down in Gotham. Especially when said corpse has a small army of assassins around ready to spill blood to bring him back. “To Our Deaths And Beyond” doesn’t hit the high notes we saw in last week’s “That’s Entertainment,” or in “Mandatory Brunch Meeting”Read More →

“That’s Entertainment” lives up to its title: a riveting hour that mixes plot and character development with horror and comedy in the way that only “Gotham” can. While the rest of DCTV has been letting me down lately, “Gotham” is my DCTV happy place. This episode gives us the finalRead More →