We were treated to another stand-alone episode this season on Grey’s Anatomy. This week’s episode centers on the one and only Dr. Miranda Bailey, AKA our powerhouse of Grey’s Anatomy, AKA the most bad-ass and hardworking Chief of Surgery on TV. “On (Don’t Fear) the Reaper,” delves into what we fear mightRead More →

When Shonda Rhimes wants to convey important issues on her shows with matters that pertaining and are heavily occurring in the world, she delivers the hell out of them. The is week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy titled “Personal Jesus” was one of them. All I gotta say was that thisRead More →

TGIT is finally back after that long hiatus! Grey’s Anatomy continues on from the midseason finale where Jo runs into her abusive ex-husband Paul. Lots of emotions right at the beginning of the episode. You can only imagine how Jo is feeling at that very moment, the pain, the fear,Read More →

Well that was quite out of nowhere! What a winter finale, with a chilling winter finale cliffhanger! This episode is quite a unique one in the realm of Grey’s Anatomy storyline plots. A hacker has taken over the whole computer system at the hospital and everyone is like…freaking out. BecauseRead More →

Every now and then Grey’s Anatomy has a episode that steers away from the usual Grey’s Sloan Memorial Hospital scenary and cast and focuses on a certain character or two on their story. On Season 14 Episode 5 it does just that as it not only goes down memory laneRead More →

On Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 4, we get a look at alot happening. This season is starting off great, it definitely is bringing back feels of the earlier seasons. I hope it stays that way. NO MORE LOVE TRIANGLES– I’m tired of it, we’re all tired of it MeredithRead More →