I was beyond excited to watch this weeks Grown-ish titled “Damn,” because like Zoey, I needed answers about how/why Nomi came to be pregnant. The Cal-U crew was divided on their explanations and sympathies, towards Nomi, with Skyy, Chloe and Anna being the most understanding of Nomi’s current situation. MyRead More →


Freeform just announced that Grown-ish was renewed for season 4 and we couldn’t be happier. We now have the pleasure of seeing Zoey and her crew through to the end. Senior year is gonna be aaaaamazing. If you haven’t seen the latest episode check out the trailer down below. AreRead More →

Welcome back, Bitches! Its Junior year at Cal-U, ‘Grown-ish‘ is back with “Crunch Time” and Zoey is  fresh off her European tour with Joey Bada$$ and homegirl has gained some perspective, so I truly hope she is not the one pregnant this season! More on that bombshell later. Right now letsRead More →

Grown-ish has ended its season 2, and Yara Shahidi has already Snapchatted about the filming of season 3, which is happening right NOW! You all know it will pick right back up from where it left off, with Zoey’s plane taking off to Paris and the two men in herRead More →

Okay, so major shoutout to Grown-ish for keeping the continuity of last week’s episode focusing on black mental health, because this week Aaron hosts a Gala in support of this cause in “Mind Playing Tricks on Me.” Aaron spared no expense for his Black Minds Matter Gala, and had blackRead More →

Grown-ish tackled mental health, particularly black mental health, and raising mental health awareness this week in “Only Human.” Aaron hosts a party at Hawkins, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and having a good time, except this one kid who checks out early and goes back to his dorm room.Read More →

Finally, everyone has stopped being polite, and started being REAL in this week’s Grown-ish. This week Zoey, Nomi and Ana dig deep into their existing relationships or non-existent if we are talking about Ana and Aaron, and figure out what each of them really wants or is getting out ofRead More →

Have I said before how much I love Grown-ish? Well I do! They can go from comedy, to depth, to nostalgic teen 80’s movie vibes, to ROM-COM and now to discussing cultural appropriation among other minorities. DEEP right? Do you think it’s possible for another person to be accused ofRead More →

Oh Happy Day! Zoey got her ride back! Her daddy relented and gave her back her car! She was pumped, I was pumped, her girls were pumped. Everyone is happy except Anna who is still feeling some kind of way about her sorta break up with Aaron. I for one,Read More →

Zoey should not be trying to smoke weed with Luca in Grown-ish’s new episode “Tweakin.” That’s like your basic cheerleader trying to keep up with Simone Biles. It ain’t the same Boo. It ain’t the same. Also, like show of hands who saw Ana and Aaron’s relationship drama looming? Exactly.Read More →

Who knew Zoey’s life could get even more complicated in the Grown-ish episode “You Decide”? I really hate that Zoey is still “beefing” with Ana and she keeps making things awkward for all of her friends who have to watch Zoey be petty and bitchy to Ana. It’s hard toRead More →

In the great words of my boy Chance the Rapper, “And we back and we back and we back!”   Hello eveyrone! Grown-ish is back and I am so excited!  I, for one, am not a huge fan of the summertime and the lack of quality television shows to chooseRead More →

It’s summertime and you know what that means, vacations, sunny days, and lots of time to binge watch shows! Yassss! Grown-ish returns for it’s second half of the season on Freeform this week, on June 5th. Basically it’s like A Different World for millennials. There is no Whitley Gilbert butRead More →

Guys! Grownish just aired their mid-season finale and it was sooooo good! Last week, Zoey got caught cheating on her mid-term chemistry final, Ana was just about to come clean to Zoey about her and Aaron hooking up, and Nomi made out with her professor in the front seat ofRead More →

Okay, so this week’s Grownish has been my favorite of the season. I don’t know if I’m feeling nostalgic about college or if Zoey’s predicament incited a fond memory of many parties and many failed attempts at studying for finals. Whatever the case, I was into it and I evenRead More →

Would you want to know how many other girls your boyfriend had slept with before you? Would your boyfriend want to know your “body count?” That is the question Zoey poses to Luca on this week’s Grownish.  Zoey sees a painting Luca presents at the Cal-U art festival, and theRead More →

I cannot believe we are already on episode 8 of Grownish ya’ll, this season is flying by and I have loved every minute so far.  We all know, Zoey gave up her design lab class, but has not given up fashion completely. This week she is tasked with styling theRead More →

Grownish tackled sexual assault this week, or what the campus thought was a sexual assault, EXCEPT it turns out it was actually consensual sex between two adults. Were they completely sober? No, but were they fully aware of what was happening between them? YES. Cash Mooney was brought back thisRead More →

Luca and Zoey are aiming to be the next power couple at Cal-U on this week’s episode of Grownish.  Michelle Obama pays a visit to Luca’s design class to choose an up and coming designer and everyone steps their design game up except Zoey, who dropped the class because sheRead More →