I love The Handmaid’s Tale, but if we’re being honest, I have no desire to watch it anytime soon. I feel like we’re living a nightmare and right now that’s more than enough to deal with. Hulu did release the trailer for season 4 of the show, and it doesRead More →

2018 is solidly in the rearview mirror. Honestly, hallelujah! Now, from the safety of 2019, we can look back at those TV moments from 2018 that grabbed hold of our feels and cruelly twisted them until they bled. Beware of serious spoilers as we take you on this weeping journeyRead More →

There’s a lot of good TV out there. No, really, a hell of a lot of good TV, trust me, someone who just had to spiral her way into somehow narrowing this list down. But narrow it I have, with what I consider to be the best TV has offeredRead More →

On the season’s penultimate episode, The Handmaid’s Tale 2×12 “Postpartum,” the narrative’s attention expands beyond June and Holly to include Eden, Emily, and Nick. It is a wise set-up as it provides some relief from the emotional hyper-focus on our protagonist, while also linking us back to the core relationshipsRead More →

The Handmaid’s Tale 2×11 “Holly” is a cohesive story that can function as a stand-alone film. The tale of our hero June’s journey is an Emmy-worthy AND Oscar-worthy hour of television. I continue to be awestruck, astonished, and appalled by the content on The Handmaid’s Tale each week. “Holly” raisesRead More →

I have to be honest, I have been avoiding this review. The parallels between the real world and the dystopian nightmare on The Handmaid’s Tale are often uncanny. But, on The Handmaid’s Tale 2×10 “The Last Ceremony,” the content with Hannah and June is so similar to the forced separation happeningRead More →

After each episode of The Handmaid’s Tale, I am sure that the stunning visual and musical imagery, poetry in the form of a television episode, cannot be topped. Then I watch the next episode. The Handmaid’s Tale 2×07 “After” once again sets the standard for visual storytelling. The opening sequenceRead More →

Hope – a tiny, whispered seedling of hope – emerges from The Handmaid’s Tale 2×05 “Seeds,” in its final breaths. The episode is another stunning depiction of the impacts of oppression under a repressive theocratic regime. “Seeds,” like “Other Women,” is a more close-up and intimate study of the characters.Read More →

Just when I think I have learned the outer bounds of torture, The Handmaid’s Tale 2×04 “Other Women” steps in to remind me that when it comes to suffering, the sky is the limit. “Other Women” zooms in on June’s, nay, Offred’s perspective in the aftermath of her capture andRead More →

The Handmaid’s Tale 2×03 “Baggage” sprints forward after the stretching episodes, “June” and “Unwomen.” The plot quickens, as do the stakes for June’s decisions, as does June’s belly. Unsurprisingly, the visual imagery, acting, and cinematography are as strong and impeccable as ever. Baby I Was Born to Run “Baggage” opens byRead More →

Just one week after Hulu released the first two episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2, the streaming network ordered a third season for the award-winning series. Season 2 extends beyond the material covered in the book The Handmaid’s Tale, upon which the series is based. Author Margaret Atwood continuesRead More →

June Osborne is free. The final expression of the first episode of Season 2, forcefully exhaled by our protagonist survivor is true and not. She claims an essential piece of freedom: freedom to and from her body. It is one match struck in June’s journey on The Handmaid’s Tale toRead More →

Golden Globe and Emmy winning series The Handmaid’s Tale returns for Season 2 on April 25th. The recently released promo makes me bloody excited for the return of the harrowing allegory. Here is my take on the promo and what it means about what we can look forward to fromRead More →

Many critics are calling this the golden age of television and with the selection of good quality, excellent shows in a variety of genres, it is not difficult to see why. From the teenage drama in Riverdale, to the light-hearted comedy of The Mayor to heavy-hearted Handmaid’s Tale, there wasRead More →

During televisions long history there have been several shows that have been so timely it’s scary. All in the Family discussed politics in the 1970s, Homeland deals with our greatest fears with terrorism, but there is something eerily timely about The Handmaid’s Tale and the conversation it’s exploring. Set in a near dystopian future, a womanRead More →

After a season of praying on our every fear, The Handmaid’s Tale comes to a close in a harrowing hour that shows off its cast and leads us into season two. In just ten episodes, this show has solidified itself amongst the best new drama series. The Handmaid’s Tale uses our greatestRead More →

After two rather slow episodes for The Handmaid’s Tale, the hit Hulu drama comes roaring back with “The Bridge.” It’s an episode that utilizes every strength in the shows arsenal. From Moss and Wiley scenes to an Emmy Award worthy performance from Madeline Brewer, The Handmaid’s Tale knows how to create aRead More →

After a week absent of any present day Offred, The Handmaid’s Tale picks up right where it last left Offred: in bed with Nick. Similar to “The Other Side,” this episode of The Handmaid’s Tale falls flat as compared to the other episodes from the season. While the performances continue to amaze,Read More →