Queerly Not Straight: 4 Reasons Why TERF's Are the Worst

We’ve written about JKR’s descent into unrepentant TERF before here a Fangirlish. Hell, she wrote a full-on serial killer like manifesto a few weeks ago, so maybe we got complacent and thought, yes, she is awful, but we can just ignore her now. Except she seems to keep finding waysRead More →

So, if like me, you absolutely loved The Witcher we are in for a bit of a wait until the second season premiers in 2021.  Which sucks. We don’t get to laugh at Jaskier or see Yennefer being a badass. There will be no more of Geralt’s hmms….or Ciri discoveringRead More →

Let’s establish one fact – J.K Rowling has created some of the most complex characters known to us readers. In a book we generally categorize the characters into two – hero or villain. Good or bad. Protagonist or antagonist.  Hero or not hero. Yet, while reading Harry Potter (or watchingRead More →

It’s funny to think that it’s been over 20 years since the first Harry Potter book came out. Twenty years. More than half my life, more than half Harry’s life. Today, in another universe, Albus Severus is walking towards the Hogwarts Express. He’s worried about what house he’ll be putRead More →

As fans, we tend to focus a lot on the romance in movies, books and TV shows. But sometimes, it’s the friendships that provide the most heartwarming moments and, let’s be honest, the most solid relationships. Even if your OTP isn’t doing too well, you can always count on aRead More →


Dementors first premiered in J.K Rowling’s 1999 release of the Prisoner of Azkaban. They are soulless beings who feed on the happiness of others, creating a bleak despair that is incapacitating, which is why they are used to guard the prisoners. They are jailers through and through. The marvelous thingRead More →