So, here we are. This journey, is complete, and it’s time for another one. Except, the next one will not be the same.  It never could. Lyra isn’t the same person who started on this path, Will isn’t the same boy we met. They’ve both been forced to grow up.Read More →


If there’s anything that I know about His Dark Materials “The Lost Boy,” it’s that Will is Lizzie’s favorite character. Let me backtrack. When I first started reading His Dark Materials, there was a name that kept popping up with Lizzie aka the other half of these reviews for theRead More →

His Dark Materials “The Spies” saw our Lyra growing up way to fast and Mrs. Coulter spiralling into a quiet and brutal anger that honestly is quite frightening and deadly. Combine that with a Gypsy community that is being persecuted and wronged just because they are the other and you’veRead More →