If Harry Styles was your boyfriend, what a life that would be. He wouldn’t call you some lovey dovey name like “Pudding Pop” or “Buttercup” – he’d call you “Beautiful” or “Goregeous.” Harry wouldn’t be talking about your outside beauty, he’d be talking about you inside and out. If HarryRead More →

If Niall Horan was your best friend, he’d text you before he went to bed to tell you to sleep sweet and when he woke up in the morning to tell you “todays your day.” Everything about him would be encouraging. If Niall Horan was your best friend, he’d listenRead More →

If Barry Allen was your baby Daddy, you’d have your house baby proofed from day one – because daddy moves too fast to be denied. You’d hate him because he’d do stuff before you could even think to ask, but you’d also love being pampered. And he would pamper you.Read More →