Bringing something to life like Charlie’s Angels isn’t easy. You need the right cast, the right writers, and the right kind of person to nail the look of your vision. That’s where Melanie Hughes-Weaver comes in. We got a chance to speak with Hughes-Weaver, the brilliant makeup designer behind theRead More →


If we are being very honest, I have a love/hate relationship with Christina Ochoa’s roles.  I wasn’t familiar with the actress prior to CW’s Valor, but watching that show I just was enamored. She’s got a unique vibe – one that makes you love her characters and one that makesRead More →

Twin brothers Tristan and Tyler Timmons currently star as Troy and Roy on HBO’s hit show Euphoria. You might also remember them as the lead kids on the basketball court in Marvel’s Black Panther. And in case you don’t know them from that, hey also have a Youtube channel, Trvp Twinz, withRead More →

Joining a new family is always nerve wrecking. It’s even more so when it’s an acting family that is pushing the boundaries when it comes to the content made available to actors and viewers a like. That’s exactly what it felt like for Adrian Gonzalez when he joined the LatinxRead More →

It’s strange that a Saturday arrives and I don’t write a Blindspot’s review. But that will not be possible at a time, in a longer time than we all expected. Yesterday, we learned that NBC took Blindspot out of their schedule without an explanation, without a new return date … theyRead More →