Authors are our people. We were excited to sit and talk to Ilana Manaster about her book Doreen. Here’s the synopsis: If Doreen Gray were to take a selfie upon her arrival at the elite Chandler Academy, it would capture a face marked with acne, a head full of frizz,Read More →

Do you hear that in the distance Earpers? It’s Wynonna Earp finishing its first season! Can you believe it? Our babies all grown up! The tale of an underdog who didn’t even know where she belonged, where she was going in life, has grown into this badass heroine who defendsRead More →

American Gothic is a 13 episode, straight to production, series premiering on CBS. This murder mystery centers around an affluent Boston family trying to figure out who is responsible for a series of murders while trying not to turn on each other when the clues point to it being someoneRead More →

So often we hear about the bad parts of fandom – about the fighting, the entitlement and the cliques. About the hurt feelings and the misunderstandings. But that’s not all fandom is, not all it should be. Today, we’re here to talk about the good things. About the shared loveRead More →

GISHWHES. You’ve seen the word floating around Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook attached to pictures of people in odd clothes made out of food or animal hair. And all the while you’ve been wondering what the hell is going on. Have people suddenly developed a new economical clothing line to changeRead More →

Books are amazing. They give insight to new worlds. Some are worlds that we are used to and some are worlds that we aren’t. Now, I will admit – that books about serial killers, ghosts, and anything scary – well, they freak me out. But we are always intrigued aboutRead More →

Wannabe is based on the deeply personal experiences of writer/director Matthew Manson. Set in 1990’s New York City, it explores the life of Daniel (David Bloom) during a time of racial and political strife. Daniel, an anxious Jewish boy, develops a crush on his Caribbean classmate, Emefa. He takes aRead More →

We’re kind of obsessed with K-Fan on Wattpad. Whatever you think of Kim Kardashian – Kevin truly is a fan of hers. But the reason we love his fan fiction about her – well, because he takes us to a place that we didn’t know we could go. We haveRead More →

Writing isn’t easy. Writing Fan Fiction – well that’s a whole different ball game. We totally admit that we love fan fiction and part of that is because it gives us the opportunity to stay in a world that we never want to leave. We all fall in love withRead More →

The interview that fans have been waiting for has finally arrived! Ricky Whittle sat down with Afterbuzz TV to give an in-depth interview about Lincoln’s death on The 100, the bullying behind the scenes, and his next big project Starz American Gods. After weeks of speculation on what the heckRead More →