iZombie‘s “Brainless in Seattle, Part 1” delivered on the laughs (there might have been second hand embarrassment and covering of my face on this end), threw more fire into the division between zombies and humans, and made me realize that I’m done talking about Liv. She’s become this empty vesselRead More →

iZombie‘s “Blue Bloody” finally gave us some development when it comes to Liv Moore’s life (sans brain/investigation time), brought up the age old and ridiculous notion that you can’t be with someone unless you have sex with them, and set the stage for Angus to become a crazy prophet, readyRead More →

Big hair, martinis with brains, and fancy clothes that definitely cost Liv more than she’s willing to admit, are coming for us in iZombie’s “Blue Bloody.” A dowager has been killed and Liv is lucky enough to be dealt the case and every ridiculous quirk that comes with eating this woman’s brain.Read More →

Fuck expectations. Fuck what you knew. And fuck keeping the zombie secret hidden. That’s the message iZombie is going for in its season 4 premiere “Are You Ready for Some Zombies?” We’re still going to be doing the brain of the week and we’re still going to be solving crimesRead More →

iZombie has decided to throw the zombie book out the window and go for something completely new in it’s fourth season. With the zombie secret out, everyone sick wants to get into New Seattle, the walled off infection zone. Cops are now having to deal with every single one ofRead More →

With such a long way to go before season 4 of iZombie premieres and San Diego Comic Con goodies and details behind us, we’re going to need something to tide us over. That’s where this season 3 review comes in! We’re going to dive deep and talk about the things we hated,Read More →

We caught up with iZombie‘s Malcolm Goodwin, who plays Clive Babineaux, at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about how things are changing in New Seattle, his relationship with Dale, and Season 4 of iZombie. Besides the walls coming up around New Seattle and the zombie secret being out and about,Read More →

San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). Home of the geek. Land of the cosplay and panels on your favorite shows, movies, comics, and books. One of those shows that we’re looking forward to is The CW’s iZombie. Having just finished it’s 3rd season we’ve got plenty of questions on what’s going toRead More →

Warner Bros. Television has announced its plans for San Diego Comic-Con 2017. And we’re pumping our fists in excitement as our favorite returning shows and some new ones prepare to descend upon San Diego. The action kicks off Wednesday, July 20 for the studio’s annual preview night, which will featureRead More →

The pieces of a very complicated puzzle are finally starting to fall together in iZombie’s Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1. Liv’s zombie face on the cover of a newspaper combined with the explosion at the party will help tip the scales towards a hostile D-Day or everything being excused as an elaborate hoax.Read More →

iZombie‘s ‘Conspiracy Weary’ saw Liv Moore being the kind of zombie I knew she could be all season long. She solved crimes with Clive, spent time with Peyton, rescued Ravi, and ate a brain without losing herself to it. There was a balance, an understanding of who she was andRead More →

iZombie‘s ‘Conspiracy Weary’ is finally going to give us berserker Liv and Blaine kicking ass, taking names, and saving Ravi from Anti-Zombie haters! We’re also going to be seeing Liv chomping down on some paranoid brains and investigating Major’s new love interest. Is that jealousy that I’m seeing? We can’tRead More →

iZombie’s ‘Return of the Dead Guy’ saw Liv face her past and finally start to move past the guilt of what she had done to Drake Holloway. It felt like seeing her, the actual Liv we’ve loved for seasons, make a return to remind us why we truly love her andRead More →