Bad news, Katy Keene lovers, according to Deadline the show has been canceled. The Riverdale spin off was only on its first season airing on The CW. There is still hope to keep it alive, just not on that network. Deadline is reporting that cast options were extended to JulyRead More →

We stan Lucy Hale. We loved her in Pretty Little Liars, we love her in Katy Keene, and we can’t wait to watch her upcoming movie. That’s right – the actress is in another movie. And A Nice Girl Like You, has a release date. Vertical Entertainment will be releasingRead More →

It’s funny how life is. You cross paths with people, and you never know who they are going to be. Lucy Hale was once in an ABC pilot with Meghan Markle, long before the Duchess of Sussex was, well, the Duchess of Sussex. “I didn’t realize this because none of myRead More →

Katy Keene made us all “Come Together” this week for the season finale. It was full of surprises and some eye opening moments for our foursome friend group. Let’s chat about some of the things that happened. THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED All four friends in the Katy Keene universe took the roadRead More →

Lucy Hale is one of our favorite actresses. Look, we love our Katy Keene (sorry, to all of those who just associate her with Pretty Little Liars). The actress used to be the face of Mark (the Avon brand), but maybe she realized that we all don’t like buying fromRead More →

“Chain of Fools” was the title of this week’s episode of Katy Keene. Oh, there were so many fools. I watched as some major bubbles finally popped. It was painful. But it wasn’t a surprise. THERE GOES GATY, MAYBE? Well. My Gaty dreams have been dashed. I mean, I know theyRead More →

Katy Keene was back with a new episode this week, one titled ‘Gloria’. I won’t say the whole episode was boring, because there were moments I did enjoy. However, I did fast forward through some of it. I don’t feel one iota of guilt. GLORIA Gloria was certainly a big partRead More →

We’re getting a Riverdale crossover as Kevin Keller is coming to New York City in this week’s episode of Katy Keene. The episode is entitled Gloria. Here’s the synopsis – MOVING ON FROM YOUR PAST — When an allegation against Gloria (Katherine LaNasa) is made, Katy (Lucy Hale), tries toRead More →

Katy Keene is new this week with chapter six, titled “Mama Said.” Not going to lie, this week’s episode was boring. I found myself often drifting during the episode, which hadn’t happened before. However, let’s discuss chapter six. MAMA SAID Josie and Jorge’s moms were nothing short of supportive. TheyRead More →

Our addiction for Katy Keene grows with each and every episode. This show is captivating, fun, and enjoyable. This show is one of our favorite. Read the description for this weeks episode below – ROYAL TREATMENT — With Katy (Lucy Hale) trying to move on from KO (Zane Holtz), sheRead More →

This week’s episode of Katy Keene was titled “Song’s For a Winter’s Night”. This whole episode was literally just one long ass winter’s night. It was a night from hell for our friend group, and they went through a lot. Let’s talk about it! TRUSTING FRIENDS Let’s start with learningRead More →

It’s a new week, which means we get Chapter four of Katy Keene “Here Comes the Sun.” There were a couple of bombshell’s dropped this week and some insecurities coming from our friendship group. Let’s get started! SING YOUR HEART OUT I usually don’t enjoy sing alongs, but I enjoyedRead More →

You can’t hurry love and you can’t forget valuable lessons, especially in Katy Keene. This week’s episode was full of lessons of loyalty and fighting for things that you want. It continues on the trend of the premiere episode of Katy fighting for herself. So, let’s jump into what weRead More →