It’s a bad day to be a Krypton fan. Syfy has reportedly canceled the Superman prequel after two seasons. If you followed any of my reviews this year, you probably already know how devastated I am. I’m actually more shocked than anything. I really thought the show was doing wellRead More →

It’s finale time! Woohoo! At the moment, there is still no official confirmation that this series has been renewed for a third season. However, like the House of El, I am full of hope. I think the odds are definitely in their favor. Hopefully by the time the episode airsRead More →

Welcome to the penultimate episode! I’m sure you all feel like you’ve had your hearts ripped out after that episode. I know that’s how I feel. I can’t even come up with a good opening because my heart is so broken. The Love Triangle After learning about what happened toRead More →

It is with a heavy heart that I must warn you, tonight’s episode is the penultimate of the season. With that, you should probably prepare yourself. I didn’t expect a lot of what happened in this one. But it does set up one hell of a final show down forRead More →

Well, THAT happened. On some level, I guess we shouldn’t be that surprised with this week’s big reveal. But I can’t lie. I did gasp when I realized what Zod had done. Now I don’t know if to thank him or continue calling him the villainous bastard that he is.Read More →

Ahhhhhhhh!!! That’s it. That’s the hint. Just me screaming into the void because I can’t spoil a dang thing. No, I’m kidding. I will try to be as vague as possible. I promise. The episode’s title is a tiny spoiler I won’t give it here in case some of youRead More →

This week, Krypton gives us their own spin on Doomsday’s origin story and it is really darn close to his comics origins. We always knew Doomsday was created by scientists on Krypton. We just didn’t really know which scientists were involved in creating the one being powerful enough to killRead More →

Shit just got real in the back of Krypton’s second season. Check out my hints for this week’s mind blowing episode below. Or turn away if you want to go in fully blind. The choice is yours! Origins A large portion of this week’s plot deals with the origins ofRead More →

Last week’s death has had everyone talking for the last few days. Critics have been praising the Krypton’s bold move to kill off one of it’s leads early on in the series. I did say that the death of Lyta Zod would change the course of the show forever. AndRead More →

Be honest, who actually saw that coming? I know that I didn’t. This week’s episode of Krypton probably left you feeling a little breathless and I don’t blame you. A lot happened last night, but it was one major plot twist that actually set the entire show on a completelyRead More →

Last week’s Krypton ended on one massive cliff hanger. This week’s episode is no different.  In fact, this week’s cliff hanger is even bigger. If you’ve been catching up on your DVR all season, this is the episode to watch live. Those final moments of tonight’s episode will have peopleRead More →

Seg and Adam are back on Krypton in this week’s episode. After their brush with death on Braniac’s planet, the two friends are obviously glad to be back. This episode featured a lot including reunions, revelations and betrayals. Let’s get to it and unpack everything we just watched. Kandor isRead More →

We’re almost at the halfway point of the season and things are really starting to rev up. With Seg returning to Kandor, the fight for Krypton is truly about to begin. Let’s get this hype train going because this episode has a lot going on! There’s a flashback- and it’sRead More →

Time is not on Seg’s side in this all new episode of Krypton. With Brainiac taking more and more control of Seg’s body, he and Adam are up against the clock trying to get rid of the AI. This episode gives us a glimpse into Brainiac’s origins while taking timeRead More →

How great has this season been? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been loving every single episode that’s aired. And with episode 3, the good times keep on rolling. This week, the overall plot of the season kicks into high gear. Let’s jump right into my helpful hints toRead More →

Krypton takes fans on a wild ride this episode and it’s all because of our favorite main man: Lobo! Brace yourselves because a lot of this review is going to feature my undying love for him. He’s earned it. Let’s dive right in, shall we! Hello Doomsday! In the premiere,Read More →

The fun continues this season as Krypton’s second episode delivers an even more entertaining hour this week. Last week’s premiere ended with the highly anticipated introduction of Lobo. This episode features a lot more of Lobo and fans are in for a hell of a wild ride. Dive right inRead More →

The Superman prequel, Krypton, has finally returned and this premiere was definitely worth the wait! Some of you might be having a hard time remembering how the first season ended. It has been a year. If you want a short refresher about what to remember from last season, you canRead More →

Krypton fans rejoice! Your favorite intergalactic bounty hunter, Lobo, is officially getting his own live action TV show. The network has just confirmed that they are already developing a new spin off about the character. This news comes just hours before the Superman prequel returns for their sophomore season. Tonight’sRead More →

It’s been a whole year since that epic season finale for Krypton aired. Now that the show is about to return, here are a few hints to get you excited for what will definitely be a bigger and better sophomore season. This post has mild spoilers from the premiere soRead More →