We’re coming up for air from diving deep into Apple TV+ – because you know we’ve been anxiously awaiting all of these streaming services to come to life. But with one finally here, we’re already ready for the next streaming service. And that would be Disney +. There is soRead More →


I’m already writing the Disney streaming service into my budget, because lets all be honest, if you need one streaming service, this will be the one. Cable just doesn’t seem necessary anymore and someone needs to remind me to cut that cord. One of the shows that I am lookingRead More →

  2018 was a great year for movies. We got great representation for many underrepresented groups, we got fun musicals, amazing rom-coms, and so many iconic moments. Some of them made us cry, others made us laugh, others made us stand up and cheer for our favourite characters. It wasRead More →

What makes a good parent? I think we all have different ideas on what that is and what it entails, but I would like to think that we could all have parents like Simon Spiers. We can’t tell you enough how much you need to see Love, Simon. The movieRead More →