It’s Valentine’s Day today, and though we’re not sure if they celebrate in Storybrooke (we hope so!), we’re celebrating for our favorites, and we’re doing it by counting down the swoon-worthy quotes uttered by our favorite on-screen couples. My choice? Captain Swan, of course. The worst part of this wasRead More →

Once Upon a Time is going to hell. Literally. For the series 100th episode, the first after the mid season break, our heroes will travel to the Underworld – and there they will, of course, meet Hades. Because, what’s the Underworld without it’s King? Now, we don’t know exactly how ourRead More →

Remember the first episode? Remember that wide-eyed kid who knocked on Emma’s door and brought with him magic and adventure? Remember that looking at him and realizing he really, really believed? Remember that little face full of hope and trust and wonder? Remember thinking he was the only one whoRead More →

Oh, Once Upon A Time, you always do this to us. You always make us wish for the impossible. Variety is reporting that “True Blood” alum Wes Brown, who has also appeared in “90210,” “Heart of Dixie,” and “Private Practice,”  has been tapped to play Gaston in our favorite fairyRead More →

I’m sorry …what? You were talking? Because we really can’t form any coherent sentences in the face of all this ….well, all this…Hook. Let us just stare at it for a bit longer. Join us. Okay, fine. we’re back. Sort of. Season 5B of Once Upon A Time is stillRead More →