‘Chicago Med’ 6×12 Pictures “Some Things Are Worth The Risk”

Chicago Med 6×12 “Some Things Are Worth The Risk” is one of those episodes where the pictures give us nothing.

Chicago P.D 8×12 Pictures: “Due Process”

The Chicago P.D 8×12 pictures are here, and we can already tell this episode is going to wreck us. Check it out and prepare with us.

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×12 Pictures: “Natural Born Firefighter”

The pictures for Chicago Fire 9×12 “Natural Born Firefighter” are here, and they’re trying to trick us. But we know better.

One Chicago Ships Check — In: April 7

There’s a lot we love about One Chicago shows beyond ships but, we can’t live without ships! We’re going to analyze the progress of our ships

‘Chicago Med’ 6×11 Pictures: “Letting Go Only To Come Together”

It’s almost like the pictures/promo/synopsis for Chicago Med 6×11 are all for a different episode. We literally have no clue what’s going on.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 8×11 Pictures: “Signs Of Violence”

We don’t want to be dramatic or anything, but the pictures for Chicago PD 8×11 “Signs of Violence” are literally all we needed to make this week better.

Chicago Fire 9×11 Pictures: “A Couple Hundred Degrees”

The pictures for Chicago Fire 9×11 “A Couple Hundred Degrees” feature both Stellaride and Brettsey. What is this magic?

One Chicago Ships Check-In

We’re talking the One Chicago ships, from Burzek’s issues to Mancel’s happiness, without forgetting Brettsey.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Get to Know Miranda Rae Mayo

We talked to Chicago Fire’s Miranda Rae Mayo about who she is, what inspires her and her love for Stella Kidd.

‘Chicago Med’ 6×10 Pictures: “So Many Things We’ve Kept Buried”

The pictures for Chicago Med 6×10 “So Many Things We’ve Kept Buried” are here, and we’re getting more Mancel – outside of the hospital!

‘Chicago P.D.’ 8×10 Pictures: “The Radical Truth”

The pictures for Chicago PD 8×10 “The Radical Truth” are here, and this is all Adam. Hopefully with some Burzek thrown in there.

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×10 Pictures: “One Crazy Shift”

Chicago Fire 9×10 “One Crazy Shift” looks like a more case heavy episode, and we’re just a tad frustrated about that. Just a tad.

One Chicago Ships Check-In: March 17

we love One Chicago shows beyond ships but we can’t live without ships! So we’re going to analyze their progress in a roundtable.

One Chicago Ships Check-In

We’re talking the One Chicago Ships: From Brettsey’s issues to what we hope to see from PD couples, without forgetting Mancel… or Manstead?

‘Chicago P.D.’ 8×09 Pictures: “Impossible Dream”

Chicago PD 8×09 “Impossible Dream” seems to be another Atwater centric episode, and as happy as we are, we want something more for Kevin.

‘Chicago Med’ 6×09 Pictures: “For The Want Of A Nail”

Chicago Med 6×09 “For The Want of A Nail” airs next week, and it looks like we’ve got some Mancel content coming our way.

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×09 Pictures: “Double Red”

Chicago Fire is new again next week (*insert dancing emoji*), and we’ve got the pictures for episode 9×09 “Double Red.”

TV Double Standards: From Procedurals to Taylor Swift

The way TV double standards work men are never treated the same way as women, and jokes are typically reserved for Taylor Swift’s love life.

‘Chicago Med’ 6×08 Pictures: “Fathers and Mothers, Daughters and Sons”

The Chicago Med 6×08 pictures don’t actually give us all that much. Where’s Will? Natalie? Crockett? Inquiring minds want to know.

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×08 Pictures: “Escape Route”

From the Chicago Fire 9×08 “Escape Route” pictures this looks like a case-heavy episode, and that’s sometimes a good thing for the characters.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 8×08 Pictures: “Protect And Serve”

Chicago PD 8×08 “Protect and Serve” is one of those episodes where despite pictures and synopsis we don’t really know much.