Ships We Want to See Set Sail in 2021

We already talked the best ships of 2020, let’s now turn our attention to the ships we want to see happen in 2021.

‘Chicago Med’ 6×03 Pictures: “Do You Know The Way Home”

Chicago Med returns next year with 6×03 “Do You Know the Way Home.” Here are the pictures for the episode.

‘Chicago P.D.’ 8×03 Pictures: “Tender Age”

The pictures for episode 8×03 of Chicago PD, titled “Tender Age,” have been released.

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×03 Pictures: “Smash Therapy”

Chicago Fire is returning the first week of January, and here are the pictures for episode 9×03 “Smash Therapy.”

Our Favorite TV Shows Of 2020

This horrible year is ending. It’s a year to forget, but one of the best things about it ending is…the best of year lists! Yes, we know that it is difficult to get something good out of a year like…

‘Chicago Med’ 6×02 Pictures: “Those Things Hidden In Plain Sight”

Chicago Med tackled the pandemic head on in the season 6 premiere, and the emotional toll was heavy. Tomorrow the show returns for one more episode that seems less coronavirus heavy, but that we can’t promise will be much lighter.…

‘Chicago P.D.’ 8×02 Pictures: “White Knuckle”

Basically the entire team is out on the field in these Chicago PD pictures for episode 8×02, titled “White Knuckle”

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×02 Pictures: “That Kind of Heat”

The pictures from Chicago Fire’s second episode of season 9 give away nothing. But here they are anwyay.

‘Chicago Med’ 6×01 Pictures: “When Did We Begin To Change”

Chicago Med’s season 6 premiere, titled “When Did We Begin to Change,” premieres next week. Here are the pictures for the hour.

‘Chicago P.D’ 8×01 Pictures: “Fighting Ghosts”

The One Chicago shows return next week, and that means pictures are finally being released for the first episodes of the returning shows. Today we’re getting a glimpse at Chicago PD‘s season 8 premiere, titled “Fihting Ghosts.” The pictures show…

‘Chicago Fire’ 9×01 Pictures: “Rattle Second City”

Chicago Fire is coming back for season 9 next week, and here are the pictures for the premiere.

Top 10 Burzek Gifs For Waiting For The ‘Chicago P.D.’ Premiere

It’s not long before Chicago PD’s premieres, and we miss this team so much!  Especially Burgess and Ruzek for reasons … Ok, fine, WE LOVE Burzek! So here are their top 10 best gifs, to keep us company. Relax and enjoy the magic…

21 Upstead gifs that have us counting the days until ‘Chicago P.D.’ season 8

So – just because – here are 21 Upstead gifs that we can’t stop staring out as we think about what’s in store for one of our favorite ships when the new season begins.

I’m Only Watching This Once: ‘Chicago P.D.’

I failed in my quest to only watch this once. #ChicagoPD I didn’t want to love you, but I do.

I Will Go Down With This Ship: Upstead Edition

If there’s a ship that has captured my heart — unexpectedly and against my own free will — it’s Chicago P.D.’s Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton.

This is not a drill! Upstead is taking things to the ‘next level’ in ‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 8

The wait is almost over! Chicago PD’s Upstead are getting ready to set sail in season 8!

Chicago P.D./FBI to Crossover

Hailey Upton is heading to FBI! Tracy Spiridakos will appear as her Chicago PD character during the FBI season finale, as announced by Wolf Entertainment on Twitter. The episode wasn’t originally planned to be the FBI season finale, but with…

Tracy Spiridakos Made Series Regular on ‘Chicago P.D.’

Fall TV feels so far away. Sometimes we’re thankful for that, but sometimes, we’re a little bit down on it. What can we say, we need something new to watch. But one thing that we do love about summer hiatus…

Jon Seda Returning to 'Chicago P.D.' as Series Regular for Season 5

Jon Seda is returning to the 21st District at Chicago P.D. Following the heartbreaking cancellation of Chicago Justice after only one season, Seda will be returning as a series regular on Chicago P.D., where he spent three and a half…

Sophia Bush Not Returning to 'Chicago P.D.'

Our hearts are breaking at this latest piece of casting news that involves a Chicago P.D. fan-favorite departing the series. After four seasons of bringing the iconic Detective Erin Lindsay to life, Sophia Bush has officially exited Chicago P.D., reports…

‘Chicago P.D.’ 4×23 Review: “Fork in the Road”

Honestly, you’d think that I’d be better prepared for Chicago P.D. season finales. But I so am not. While I thought I was ready for the conclusion to what’s been a sensational fourth season, I most certainly was not. There’s…