One Day At A Time "The Politics Episode"

One Day At A Time 4×07 “The Politics Episode” seemed like a great idea from the start – not just because we were starved for good content, but because in the world we’re living in, it feels like more and more, we need to be the agents of change thisRead More →

The Alvarez family is getting the aninmation treatment. Yes, you heard that right. One Day At A Time – which will air it’s forced midseason finale tonight (they were forced to halt production due to the pandemic – will return later this spring for an animated special. All series regularsRead More →

We all have them, those couples we wish a show had given us, the OTPs that didn’t end up happening. They don’t even have to be couples the show was actually hinting at, but just two people we saw together and went, hmmm, this could work, for whatever reason. OftenRead More →


Usually, when I ship a couple, I ship them. There are no black and whites, no ifs or buts. If I ship, I’m full into the shipping, all steam ahead, the good ship has sailed. And there are many times when I feel that way about Penelope and Schneider’s relationshipRead More →

2018 is solidly in the rearview mirror. Honestly, hallelujah! Now, from the safety of 2019, we can look back at those TV moments from 2018 that grabbed hold of our feels and cruelly twisted them until they bled. Beware of serious spoilers as we take you on this weeping journeyRead More →