Who is Gemma Styles? If the last name doesn’t give her away, I am not sure what rock that you are living under. Yup, you have guessed it – she’s Harry Stles sister. But that is not all. She’s also a writer. And she’s a celebrity. We’re breaking down theRead More →


One Direction will always be home? Maybe I read too much into everything, but it sounds so past tense. I don’t like past tense. I like looking forward to a future. Cause I need a future with One Direction in it. Liam Payne announced today that he has signed aRead More →

If Harry Styles was your boyfriend, what a life that would be. He wouldn’t call you some lovey dovey name like “Pudding Pop” or “Buttercup” – he’d call you “Beautiful” or “Goregeous.” Harry wouldn’t be talking about your outside beauty, he’d be talking about you inside and out. If HarryRead More →

If Niall Horan was your best friend, he’d text you before he went to bed to tell you to sleep sweet and when he woke up in the morning to tell you “todays your day.” Everything about him would be encouraging. If Niall Horan was your best friend, he’d listenRead More →

Fandom. It’s like this double edge sword. Loving something so much and then at the same point – there is loving it too much. While celebrities sign up for the fanfare, their significant others, ex’s, kids, and family don’t sign up for the limelight necessarily. They sign up or areRead More →

It’s not too much longer now until Zayn releases his solo album. March 25th is around the corner. But the singer has released the track listing this AM via Instagram. He says that he wrote over 46 tracks for the album – so we’re sure that he narrowed it downRead More →

It’s another day – and more Zayn Malik information. Look – we’re excited for anything him cause we’re having to deal with One Direction taking their hiatus. So we’ll take anything and everything that Zayn wants to throw at us. Zayn to make his US debut as a solo artistRead More →

We can’t even imagine being a celebrity and having to do deal with paps everywhere. I mean it’s hard enough to deal with emails from parents – who wants to have to deal with anyone else butting into your life. But when you are a member of One Direction –Read More →