All good things come to an end, and as we’re learning with this cancellation, all bad things do too. Look, I can understand the fact that Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists was made. I mean, who didn’t think that they were filling a void that was left by the endRead More →


We’re all for Shay Mitchell gracing our TV screens as much as possible. The actress is a fan favorite after playing Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars. But we’ve grown to love her for so much more since then – her writing, her YouTube channel, her makeup expertise, her styleRead More →

We love the girls from Pretty Little Liars and we’ll always follow them to whatever they do next. Maybe that’s part of why we’re so excited that Shay Mitchell is joining the cast of an adaptation that we can’t wait for. Shay Mitchell has joined the adaptation of You onRead More →

There is nothing I love/hate more than trying to figure out who A.D. is on Pretty Little Liars. The show is always dropping clues and they are always going right over my head. I can’t help it. Even thought that is happening, I still find myself sitting here and tryingRead More →

It’s weird – when you know that something is ending. You’ve invested so much time in it and time is not something that you regret – but you are sad to say goodbye. And that’s how I feel knowing that the last 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars is coming.Read More →