Welcome back to another week of ‘Riverdale.’ This week we’re back and in full musical mode. What’s the musical? Oh, its Carrie and everyone is type cast! There’s also a murder, but before we talk the last few minutes of the episode, let’s dive into the rest. Carrie: The MusicalRead More →

Another week, another Riverdale. Archie reclaims the black hood. Cheryl gets locked up. Penelope Blossom is still evil. Let’s dive into Riverdale’s “The Noose Tightens.” Toni Saves Cheryl Cheryl is sent away to the crazy wacko nuns of The Sisters of Quiet Mercy for her “conversion therapy.” These nuns need toRead More →

I’ve been away for a week, and for that, I apologize. This week’s ‘Riverdale’ was pretty damn crazy. There are threats! Two Elections about to happen! Chic gets even creepier! But wait there’s more… read on or perish. Betty v. Half-Brother Betty is high on the fact that Chic isn’tRead More →

It’s been a month since we’ve seen Riverdale, a month folks. I’ve been eagerly waiting for this episode, hoping it would reclaim my love…and it did…BIG TIME. I don’t want to overhype the episode, but it may be my favorite of Riverdale’s otherwise dull and less drama heavy sophomore season.Read More →

Things are going down in Riverdale this week. Everything seems to be falling apart and our sweet innocent teens are getting in way over their heads. Wait scratch that, they really aren’t that innocent. Let’s dive in shall we? There’s a Dead Body in the House Last week the lastRead More →

There are so many things I would rather see than Archie be a secret undercover spy for the FBI. I’d watch him parasail while singing ballads to Veronica. I’d watch him go on the Bachelor: Riverdale Edition, because let’s be real, he’d be way better than Arie. Papa Poutine BitesRead More →

This week’s Riverdale focused on the awful history of our beloved drama filled town. It’s Pickens Day, a time for the town to come together and celebrate their rich history of General Pickens who was employed by Grandpappy Blossom and essentially built Riverdale. Little do the residents know, Pickens wasRead More →

Its been four long weeks since we’ve last seen Riverdale. Too long since we’ve seen the over top shenanigans our well dressed and angsty teens have been up to. Well, they’ve been up to…not that much, other than really poor decisions. Veronica Really Wants to Get in With Her ParentsRead More →

Riverdale ended up revealing who the Black Hood was and convincing no one that this whole mystery is done and over with in their mid-season finale titled “Silent Night, Deadly Night.” It also saw the tentative beginnings of the infamous Betty/Archie/Veronica love triangle. Been there, done that, not looking forward toRead More →

Many critics are calling this the golden age of television and with the selection of good quality, excellent shows in a variety of genres, it is not difficult to see why. From the teenage drama in Riverdale, to the light-hearted comedy of The Mayor to heavy-hearted Handmaid’s Tale, there wasRead More →

When it comes to shipping, quite often we let our preferences cloud our judgement or guide us into a mindset where we give the people in the ship a second, third, fourth chance. After last night’s episode of Riverdale, titled “House of the Devil,” fuck shipping. Betty and Veronica deserveRead More →

Shipping wars. Lord, they are a bitch. People are vicious over who they want together. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can accept that. One of the most vicious fandom shipping wars goes on in the Riverdale fandom. Who does Archie belong with? Is Bughead eternal? Who will Kevin endRead More →