I think that we can all agree that music defines so many moments in our lives. For us the singers behind the music are also the people we look up to, the people that inspire, and the people that make us think about what type of people we want toRead More →


When The Witcher premiered, a lot of us here at Fangirlish fell in love with it. Typically, for things a bunch of us love or want to talk about in general, we put together a roundtable to discuss our thoughts, feelings and reactions. Joining me talking about The Witcher are Lizzie, Lyra,Read More →

As anticipation builds around Black Widow‘s May 2020 release, launching Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we want to discuss some of our opinions about the film’s trailer and the future of the MCU. Black Widow was directed by Cate Shortland. This makes the film the first solo femaleRead More →

Television sure has changed over the years. It’s funny because what had started at the beginning of this decade is being remade, rebooted, and such. However, we get it – because there are so many shows that are just so good that we can’t let go of them. But whenRead More →

There are always good and bad television shows and we’ll be the first to say that everything is subjective. There are shows that we love and shows we hate. But we all have very strong feelings on the best and worst shows of the decade. But right now we’re talkingRead More →

For us, a lot of our fandom love starts with the books that we read. Everything from Twilight (which in all fairness, is an obvious choice for this list – but we challenged people to think outside of it) to anything Game of Thrones, Outlander to basically anything YA –Read More →

Ships. We live and die by them. Ships are amazing and teach us so much about relationships. They teach us about love and life. Our ships of the decade, are mostly – well all around television. We love so many different ships – but when I make everyone narrow itRead More →

Welcome to our Christmas movie roundtable part 2. We once again are talking about new Christmas movies we loved and hated, so you can have a better idea what to watch and what to skip:. Joining me this week are Erin, Lacey and Lizzie. McKenzie Check Inn to Christmas. I FINALLYRead More →

Here at Fangirlish we looovvee Christmas movies! So we thought it would be a good idea to release roundtables up until Christmas, talking about the movies we loved and hated. You know, so you can make your list of what you should absolutely check out, and what you can andRead More →

Who doesn’t love a laugh? Find out which comedic episodes take our top spots in Round Two of the Fangirlish TV Tell-All. Our first round was even more robust; find dramas here. Annie Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S05E04) “HalloVeen”  There’s only one other television romantic surprise that I’ll remember seeing for theRead More →

The time is finally here: most Fall TV shows have now premiered. You might find yourself with a new series to watch, or you might have decided that none of the new series have spoken to you. If you fall into the later category we are here to help. WeRead More →

To ship or not to ship. That’s a debate we’ve had for many years, about many shows, many couples. And even though we here at Fangirlish agree on many things, we don’t agree on everything, and one of the things we don’t always agree on is ships. Especially when weRead More →