Fond Farewell: 'Schitt's Creek' Finale Roundtable

Schitt’s Creek’s Emmy sweep was well deserved, and we also loved seeing the cast together to accept their awards.Read More →

The cast of Schitt’s Creek got together to serenade the Class of 2020 in a Youtube Originals Special and we’re in love! Dan Levy, Annie Murphy, Catherine O’Hara, and Eugene Levy first we’re up, playing their well known characters of David Rose, Alexis Rose, Moira Rose, and Johnny Rose. AfterRead More →

This week’s episode of Schitt’s Creek was funny, but also had some lovely emotional character beats for the Rose family that are moving the story forward toward an emotional series finale. We have just four more episodes of Schitt’s Creek left after this week, and this episode did a greatRead More →

“Rebound” was the theme of this week’s episode of Schitt’s Creek, and after Alexis and Ted’s heartbreaking parting in the previous episode, we weren’t ready for her to move on. Even if she was trying to. Alexis wasn’t the only one on the rebound in Schitt’s Creek, because Jocelyn wasRead More →

This week’s episode of Schitt’s Creek was aptly named “The Wingman,” because everyone had each other’s backs. Whether it was for movie public relations, long-distance relationships, setting up a friend, or potential sexual experimentation – the gang was all there for each other in ways that made us love themRead More →

Between Patrick’s wisdom teeth being pulled and the premiere, this week’s episode of Schitt’s Creek titled “The Premiere” is one of the funniest of the entire series. The writers are doing a brilliant job this season of giving fans exactly what they want during for the final episodes of theRead More →

Everyone got down to business in this week’s Schitt’s Creek episode, “Job Interview,” looking for new work, loans to expand, and ways to make a long distance relationship work. We finally got to see some of the cast members we’ve been missing (oh hey there, Ted), and some characters madeRead More →