Sometimes I feel like the TV gods like to punish me.  This is one of those instances. While most fall series are premiering the week of September 23rd, if you love Seal Team like me, we have to wait another week.  To me, that is just torture. This series isRead More →

The point of this week’s SEAL Team was…? Mostly filler. The episode felt weighed down by David Boreanaz’s less-than-stellar acting. Perhaps if Mr Boreanaz chooses to direct again, it might be wise to do so for an episode that’s light on Jason Hayes. And it’s difficult to say if theRead More →

SEAL Team reminds us this week not only of the fragility of life, but also of relationships, and how in the middle of war both can be difficult to hold on to. Davis hasn’t heard from Danny in a week and she mentions this to Sonny. Sonny, being the mostlyRead More →

There’s a whole lot of deception in this week’s episode of SEAL Team, Takedown, and I’m none too pleased about any of it. Ray Perry, we need to talk. Your shoulder injury can no longer be ignored. A ten-year-old boy is dead because of how it affected your throw. You.Read More →

It’s a good thing SEAL Team’s on deployment for as long as they are, because getting retribution for Echo Team isn’t proving easy. As targets are taken out, another player appears, each one a little higher than the last. It’s also a good thing Mandy is part machine; without her,Read More →

In “In Name Only” Mandy’s ready to go after the main guy, the one responsible for Echo’s death. But if she’s wrong, or even if she’s right, she’ll have a target on her head, and so the episode opens with a threat on her life, and ends the same. SonnyRead More →

Our fangirl hearts are happy because one of our favorite shows has been renewed. We’re getting another season of SEAL TEAM. In addition, CBS also renewed SWAT. That was us you heard screaming with joy. “These exciting new dramas have been sensational additions to our schedule, are striking all theRead More →

Deployment has added a whole new dynamic to SEAL Team and we’re about it. Every week it’s one thing after another and it’s something that we can’t wait to see. The drama, the intrigue, the missions. We’re all about what happens next. There aren’t many episodes left in the season,Read More →

Deployment has been the best thing to happen to SEAL Team this season, and with this continuing storyline as the team hunts down the people responsible for Echo Team’s death, we get right into the investigation this week. Time elapses as Mandy creates her suspect board, as the team headsRead More →

SEAL Team is absolutely amazing. We can’t get enough of the show. It may be midseason, but we feel like the show feels fresh and new, but still maintains what made us fall in love with it in the first place. What is that? The amazing characters, captivating writing, andRead More →

We’d had three weeks to heal, and then the previously on rips our hearts back out as it reminds us of the loss of Team Echo, the reason Bravo’s date of deployment was moved up. And then in the middle of all this loss Alana makes the separation official andRead More →

The realities of just how seriously SEALs risk their lives punch through our chests and take hold of our hearts in this week’s episode, Getaway Day. The episode format gets a bit of a shakeup again, with the team on deployment for only the last third, and the majority ofRead More →

There was a mission this week, but it wasn’t a terribly exciting one. But this week wasn’t really about the mission, but more these characters’ lives back home, and the team’s interactions while abroad. “Can you imagine your life without her.” I had reservations when I saw the promo, andRead More →

Previously on SEAL Team: Everything hurt. Jason got frustrated with Alana; Ray was in physical pain; Ray and Naima had financial problems; And a tight bond Davis had with Danny deteriorated when he tried to kiss her. Painful. Everything hurts. How about an episode where things get better? No. ARead More →

Instead of giving us the usual set-up, Pattern of Life, an episode occurring in real time, pulls us in blindly, opening without any information, and leaving us as bewildered as the family whose home the team has just breached.   “Why are you doing this?” As we watch the teamRead More →

Welcome to DEVGRU. “Today the only thing I have to worry about is keeping my mouth shut, setting up my equipment cage, and probably getting my balls broke for bringing the wrong kind of beer.” The episode opens with Russian defector Dimitri, previously in charge of Russia’s cyber warfare program,Read More →

I’m calling The Exchange the weakest episode this season (so far). It wasn’t a bad episode, not even close, but I didn’t feel the tension like I was meant to. There were moments of unease, but too much concern from Sonny that something would go wrong left me feeling thisRead More →