Paramount+ Gives Us All The Gift That Keeps On Giving

This is the best gift that we’ve been given and yes, it may be on repeat. We have no shame.

Kate Winslet Thinks That Tom Cruise May Be Fed Up With Hearing About Her

Kate Winslet beat a record of Tom Cruise’s and we’re just thinking that all people should beat Tom Cruise cause it’s him.

See The Final Tease Posters For ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’

Preparing your 2023 movie list? Us too. We’ll hate watch this, but we’ll bitch about it too. See the latest posters for #MagicMikesLastDance

Glen Powell Talks About The Advice That Tom Cruise Gave Him

Well we’re not the ones that would take advice from Tom Cruise, but you know we don’t work with him and so we don’t have to.

Maren Morris Posts A TikTok About The Hatred Towards Meghan Markle

Maren Morris is a bad ass who speaks up & isn’t afraid of what people will say in response. We love that about her.

Drew Barrymore Doesn’t Get Her Kids Christmas Gifts & Instead Gives Them Experiences

With Christmas around the corner, everyones getting gifts, but we’re agreeing with Drew Barrymore on what one should get instead

7 Cute Baby Ducks Videos to Escape This Hellscape

Hello and welcome to your daily required dose of “escape the hellscape that is 2022 because mental health is important.” This list is a safe space where we turn away from the bird app hellscape, politics hellscape, and world-ending shit…

Halle Bailey Gets A Beautiful Note From A Delta Pilot

There are reasons that people fly a certain airline. Me – it’s always been Delta. This solidified that Delta is queen.

Ariana Shows Off Her Blonde Hair For The Movie Adaptation Of ‘Wicked’

We are looking forward to #Wicked & anything that is posted that behind the scenes from the film. Right now though it’s all about Ariana’s hair

A First Look At ‘Magic Mikes Last Dance’ Was Released

The caption says “All good things begin in Miami.” Though we may disagree, this is a beautiful that will make us rethink that.

Kristen Stewart’s Short Film For Chanel Is Everything Because She Is Everything

Kristen Stewart’s Short Film For Chanel Is Everything Because She Is Everything

Ryan Gosling For Gucci Is Making Us Smile

If we could afford Gucci, we’d buy it. We admit it. Ryan Goslings face attached to it is an added incentive.

Emily Ratajkowski Says The Film ‘Blonde’ “Fetishizes Female Pain”

We tried really hard to watch Blonde, but we just couldn’t do it. We have to admit, we’re agreeing with Emily Ratajkowski on this one.

Miles Teller Talks Breaking Protocol When Meeting Prince William & Kate Middleton

Well, we wouldn’t be able to remember all the rules either, so we’re not hating. Miles, we would have messed up protocol too.

Selena Gomez Addresses ‘Vile and Disgusting’ Comments During Her TikTok Live

We knew that after Hailey Bieber’s #CHD interview people wouldn’t be kind. But some of what has been said is SOOO WRONG.

Hailey Bieber Talks About That 2018 Timeline…

We knew that when the teaser for #CallHerDaddy had Hailey Bieber talking about 2018 and the Jelena relationship the internet would lose it.

Rachel Zegler Talks About Her Breast Cancer Scare

It’s not an easy thing to open up about, but we’re appreciative that Rachel Zegler did. The actress opened up about her breast cancer scare

Bradley And Laura From ‘The Morning Show’: A Look Back Now That We’re Probably Getting More

The Morning Show is getting more Laura Peterson — which we hope means more Bradley and Laura. Check out some fanvids to prepare HERE.

‘Frozen Planet II’ Debuts Its Trailer With A Song From Camila Cabello and Hans Zimmer

We’re loving the fact that Camila Cabello & Hans Zimmer worked together on a song and that’s its being featured in a documentary series. More of this please!

Rachel Zegler Tweets Her Sadness Over ‘Shazam’ Delay

‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ release date was changed and we’d like to say that we’re shocked, but.. it’s the WB

Neil Gaiman Calling Out ‘The Sandman’ Haters Is A Thing Of Beauty

For some reason that we will never understand, people on Twitter keep showing their asses to Neil Gaiman. Metaphorically, at least. (Though for all I know, they try to do it literally too. It is the Internet, after all.) You…