Supernatural‘s “The Trap” has only made me feel even more bitter and done with God’s crap. Messing with Eileen/Sam is a big no in my book and he’s crossed the line into “I’ll never forgive you” town. Also, and maybe even a little more important, I think I’ve seen theRead More →


Supernatural’s “Golden Time” saw the return of fan favorite Shoshannah Stern aka Eileen, and not just for a couple seconds as a ghost. She was resurrected, gave us all the feels, and reminded us of how badass this woman truly is. “Golden Time” also saw Dean having a crisis ofRead More →

Supernatural’s “Proverbs 17:3” saw God going for his greatest hits with the return of Lilith to mess up the Winchesters lives once again. Fun times! Sike. I’m tired of God and the way he wants to be a puppet master to Sam and Dean aka his favorite story. On topRead More →

Supernatural’s “Raising Hell” gave me all the guest stars my little #SPNFamily loving heart could handle. On top of that it gave me more Dean and the struggles that he’s working through while trying to control God’s fuck up. It was all tied together by my anger at God trickingRead More →

Supernatural’s season 15 premiere, titled “Back and to the Future,” was a reminder of how far we’ve all come when it pertains to the Winchesters and their fight against all things evil, good, and everything in between.  And maybe some of you didn’t need it (you’ve been known that theRead More →

With the final season of Supernatural right around the corner we came up with a very concise, very judgement free, and very organized look at what we want for season 15. I’m just pulling your chain! Of course this’ll be full of tangents, judgement from down low to up high,Read More →

Supernatural‘s “Don’t Go In the Woods” gave us the quality Jack Kline we’re always her for and Sam & Dean fighting a big ugly Groot looking thing while keeping secrets from Jack. Fun times, right? *insert wince face here* With the announcement that Supernatural is ending after its 15th season,Read More →

Supernatural is set to end after 15 seasons and we’re not ok! Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Misha Collins posted a video across their social media accounts where they were clearly holding back tears during the announcement. And as they continued talking, their faces getting redder by the minute cuzRead More →