Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Releases Video For ‘The Best Day (Taylor’s Version)’

We didn’t know that we’d be filled with tears watching Taylor Swift’s latest music video. But we are.

Taylor Swift Talks About Re-Recording ‘Fearless’

Is it any surprise that Taylor was methodical and made sure that the recording of #FearlessTaylorsVersion was flawless?

Swifties Have Figured Out Her Clues On Her Latest Instagram Post

Give a Swiftie a challenge and they will figure it out with a quickness. Fans have decoded Taylor’s latest IG post.

Taylor’s Version Of ‘Wildest Dreams’ Featured In ‘Spirit: Untamed’ Trailer

Hold the phone. Seriously, I didn’t even recognize the song, but that’s part of what is so exciting about Taylor rerecording her old music. Because it’s in a voice of who she is now and I am loving hearing the…

Taylor Swift Officially Cancels ‘Lover Fest’

We’re sad that Taylor Swift cancelled Lover Fest, but we get why she did. The songstress made the announcement on her social media.

Taylor Swift Talks Re-Recording ‘Fearless’

Taylor Swift is out here doing Gods work and saving 2021. Thank you Taylor. Read about her re-recording of #Fearless.

Taylor Swift Has Re-Recorded The ‘Fearless’ Album

#LoveStory is coming tonight. The #Fearless album #TaylorsVersion is coming soon. 2021, keep giving us good news.

Evermore Songs That Remind Us of Our Ships

You may have missed it amidst the madness of the last week, but Taylor Swift finally released the two bonus songs off evermore, titled right where you left me and it’s time to go. Now, I wasn’t a huge Taylor…

Taylor Swift Announces Ninth Studio Album: evermore

Taylor Swift has announced the release of her ninth studio album: evermore.

Ryan Reynolds Proves He Can Tell A Great Love Story

This is a #2020LoveStory and it may be the most perfect thing I have ever seen.

Taylor Swift Told Us All Who William Bowery Is

We love that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have one of those relationships that we all want to have. You know the kind where its so cute and private and just yours.

Taylor Swift Surprises Fans With Disney+ Concert Film

Taylor Swift is always making everything better. The singer announced a concert film & it looks like we’re not sleeping tonight to watch it when it premieres!

Taylor Swift To Perform ‘betty’ At The ACM’s This Week

We can’t wait for #TSwift to return to the #ACM stage. Even better – she’ll be performing #Betty.

A Swiftie Comes Up With A Movie Idea We’d Like To See

A Swiftie Comes Up With A Movie Idea We’d Like To See And Taylor Endorses It!

Taylor Swift Releases The VEVO Footnotes Version Of Her Cardigan Video

I feel like there is nothing that Taylor Swift can’t do. The woman thinks of everything and her footnotes video is amazing

Taylor Swift Slams Donald Trump And We Applaud

Donald Trump is trying to steal the election. You will never convince me otherwise. We need to stand behind the USPS.

Sabrina Carpenter Talks About How Taylor Swift Has Influenced Her

Doesn’t Taylor Swift influence everyone? Sabrina Carpenter talks about how #Folklore influenced her.

What Kind Of Alcohol Should You Drink With ‘Folklore’

If you need alcohol to listen to Folklore, that’s not such a bad thing. But what should you be drinking. Well…

Jack Antonoff Writes Taylor Swift A Message And We Have Feels

Jack Antonoff Writes Taylor Swift A Message And We Have Feels

Taylor Swift To Release New Album – “Folklore”

Taylor Swift to release a new album TONIGHT. We’re so excited that we may faint.

Taylor Swift Calls For The Removal of Racist Historical Figures Statues

I remember the days where Taylor Swift didn’t voice her opinion and to be honest, I don’t miss those days in the least. I think the fact that she is using her platform for good is important in this day…