Doesn’t Taylor Swift influence everyone? Sabrina Carpenter talks about how #Folklore influenced her. Read More →

I am a Swiftie. I am always trying to figure out what she is up to, whats coming next, and what innovative shit she is going to come up with. Because lets be honest – Taylor Swift comes up with innovative ideas. The superstar will have a new show –Read More →

This week my entire life has revolved around one thing – listening to Taylor Swift’s Lover. The album is definitely one of her best, and I didn’t think that anything could ever out do 1989. As a fan of hers there is only one thing that I want to know:Read More →

Now that 5/5 became 4/4 and then 1/1/1/1/1, the assumed musical drought has been anything but. Each member has given us something special, with new singles, albums, tours and photo shoots, even film debuts with Oscar buzz. And the first member (or in this case former member) to hit theRead More →

  Taylor Swifts relationships are under more scrutiny than anyone should have to endure. We don’t envy her. If it was a male celebrity, it wouldn’t be the same scrutiny. However, for Taylor – everything is under scrutiny. If we hear the term “Hiddleswift” again anytime soon it would beRead More →