The pack is back.   That’s right, Scott McCall and the whole pack are getting back together for a Teen Wolf reunion.  Are we excited? Oh, absolutely.  We love our Teen Wolf, so this reunion has us doing some major fangirling. MTV  announced the Teen Wolf cast will be reuniting onRead More →

We all have our favorite and least favorite tropes. From love triangles to slow burns, tropes are often the best ways to showcase great characters and storylines. They can also be frustrating and make you question why it is even a trope at all. In this bi-weekly column, we’ll takeRead More →

We all have them, those couples we wish a show had given us, the OTPs that didn’t end up happening. They don’t even have to be couples the show was actually hinting at, but just two people we saw together and went, hmmm, this could work, for whatever reason. OftenRead More →

If you think that Tyler Posey is ever going to slow down, well… you don’t know Tyler. Personally don’t think that boy knows what a nap is (though I do, cause I’ll be taking one shortly). With Teen Wolf ending, the actor took a role on Jane the Virgin. ButRead More →

We know that you aren’t ready to say goodbye. Either are we. The final season of Teen Wolf is right around the corner and news just came out that makes it seem more final. MTV has released the date that you can get the final season on DVD/Blu-Ray. Get yourRead More →

As you are making your summer plans, there are some important things that you should know. Such as the premiere date for Teen Wolf. Lucky for you, MTV has been full on information. The final 10 episodes of Teen Wolf will be moving to Sundays this summer. When can youRead More →

As fans, we tend to focus a lot on the romance in movies, books and TV shows. But sometimes, it’s the friendships that provide the most heartwarming moments and, let’s be honest, the most solid relationships. Even if your OTP isn’t doing too well, you can always count on aRead More →

Colton Haynes is a role model to us all, is what we’ve always said. And the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) agrees. The Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender and queer equality. Today, they announced that Haynes would be honored with the HRC VisibilityRead More →

We’ve been sitting in the Teen Wolf panel for the past hour, trying to come to terms with what we learned. Tyler Posey announced the this season will bring us to the end of the story. That’s right Teen Wolf is concluding – this is it’s final season. It willRead More →

The highly anticipated Nerd HQ panels have arrived. Like years before, they’re packed with an amazing lineup that includes actors from Arrow, Orphan Black, Supernatural, and most importantly…Teen Wolf! The event appears to reveal Teen Wolf‘s SDCC lineup with Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Dylan Sprayberry, Cody Christian, Khylin Rhambo, and showrunner JeffRead More →

MTV’s Teen Wolf is coming to San Diego Comic-Con! According to the pack will be returning to the convention this year. News has yet to be released about the location or cast members that will be in attendance. It’s also unclear whether Dylan O’Brien will attend, but we’ve got our fingersRead More →

We know, we know – when you think of Tyler Hoechlin you think of Teen Wolf – but you are about to think of him as a lot more. The actor has joined the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise – starring as Boyce Fox in Fifty Shades Darket. Boyce worksRead More →