No one is safe from conflict, pain, and death stemming from fear of the other on The 100. The Grounders are reacting in defense of their people and the Arkadians are only making things worse. There’s nothing like a good ol’ roundtable to help clear out some of the feelingsRead More →

Things are getting pretty complicated on The 100, aren’t they? Our minds and those in the show are being pushed to try and pick sides in a never ending battle to live while not giving into the enemies wishes or hands. This episode tests our thoughts on loyalty, revenge, andRead More →

The 100’s “Hakeldama” was the episode that we needed last week but couldn’t have because The CW would never allow a two hour episode and we’d explode from angst overload. (There’s certainly enough of that in one episode to go through a box of tissues and wine twice over.) ButRead More →

Tides are changing on The CW’s The 100. With the Ice Queen dead and Pike in power no one is safe and war is inevitable in ‘Watch the Thrones.’ Bellamy has also fallen under the spell of grief and Pike’s smooth talking. It’s the start of an arc that willRead More →

Welcome to another hour of The 100 where pain is your constant companion and no one can be happy! As soon a smile was spotted in ‘Ye Who Enter Here’ it was all downhill and we whipped out the tissues as a necessary precaution. Our fears were proven right whenRead More →

Following in Fangirlish tradition we’re starting a roundtable for The 100 where we discuss the crazy, game changing, and cringe worthy moments of the week. We’re starting it all off by exploring ‘Wanheda Part Two.’ This episode gave us the Bellarke reunion we were craving for, more Ark survivors, andRead More →

It’s only episode two and we’re already craving for more angst riddled and ugly crying goodness that is The 100. In ‘Wanheda: Part Two’ family finds it’s way back to each other, the glimmer of new enemies emerge, and Lexa reappears *insert deep sigh*. Let’s take a look at theRead More →

In the words of the brave, smart, and resourceful Octavia Blake: The 100 Season 3 hit the ground running with a Commander of Death emerging from her sabbatical, world building, and relationships (old and new.) Let’s not forget the big threat sitting atop a mountain in a fancy mansion. It’sRead More →

The 100 season premiere is right around the corner (tomorrow actually.) But wait…you don’t remember where you left off! (What a shame!) And you don’t have enough time or will to get through all the angst and pain of Season 2? Well, this is where I come in! Below I’veRead More →

Never thought you’d hear the word ‘musical’ when it came to The 100 did you? After a fantastic year of being at the top of the charts Shawn Mendes, singer of hit ‘Stitches,’ is set to make his acting debuting on The 100. Details are scarce about who he’ll beRead More →

The 100 Television Critics Association (TCA) Panel was a incredible showcase of all the badass women on the show with Jason Rothenberg, the creator/executive producer, along for the ride. They discussed a range of topics that included women on TV, sexuality, taking risks, and those pesky Grounders. The women onRead More →

War is brewing in the latest trailer for The 100. For the Sky People it’s internal conflict between those who want to keep peace (Kane) and those who threaten it (Jaha and his lackey John Murphy.) Everyone’s on the hunt for Clarke and we get another brief glimpse of newRead More →

We finally have the synopsis for the season premiere of The 100. We’re so excited that we may burst. Here’s what The CW released – SHAWN MENDES (SINGER-SONGWRITER SENSATION) GUEST STARS — Three months have passed since the tragedy at Mount Weather and our heroes learn that a bounty hasRead More →