We truly are blessed to have a show like The Bold Type on our televisions. I was reminded as such with its season 4 premiere, which was a perfect blend of humor, seriousness, fun and preached the power of representation in mainstream media. Oh, how I’ve missed Kat, Jane andRead More →


Hello and welcome to the penultimate episode of the Bold Type’s third season. Quite a few things happened this episode, so let’s break it down to the highlights! JANE:  Jane and Jacqueline interviewed Pamela Dolin, who refuses to comment on any of the allegations, leaving their office strangely unfazed byRead More →

Welcome back to Scarlet! This episode of the Bold Type was packed with drama for our three favorite ladies. With exes returning, boyfriends going on tour and a new seminar, the Bold Type has been a mess of emotion and tensions are running high in the offices of Scarlet magazine.Read More →

All’s fair in love and war, they say. Well, this episode is all about how not fair love can be, and all about the work it takes in making relationships work, once the honeymoon phase is over and real life kicks in. There’s some serious character growth in this episodeRead More →

(We’re a little behind due to some technical difficulties on my end! All my apologies, and let’s dive in!) We’re back at Scarlet in this episode, folks, with the leaking of all the Scarlet emails to the public. When an article comes out about Jacqueline “sort of enjoying” watching oneRead More →

The ladies of The Bold Type are back, bold and beautiful as ever! I believe this is one of my favorite episodes of season three so far, as it feels like season is starting to pick up speed, and we’re beginning to see how the next couple of episodes willRead More →

It feels good to write about things you love. It’s good for your writing. It’s good for your soul. And it’s something that I’ve found myself missing lately. When shows that I used to love have lost their way and become unrecognizable, it’s nice to have shows that remind meRead More →

Yesterday we showed you the photos from the first part of the two part season premiere of The Bold Type. Today we’re showing you the photos for the second part of the premiere, “Rose Colored Glasses.” Believing it shouldn’t matter, Kat bristles when Alex recommends she highlights that she isRead More →

We talked ships that made our hearts full before, but right now we want to get more specific, we want to talk moments – those scenes that made our hearts beat faster, our breaths catch and our eyes water. Those moments that made us feel all the things. Because that’sRead More →

Many critics are calling this the golden age of television and with the selection of good quality, excellent shows in a variety of genres, it is not difficult to see why. From the teenage drama in Riverdale, to the light-hearted comedy of The Mayor to heavy-hearted Handmaid’s Tale, there wasRead More →