The Brave’s first season was pure perfection! It took a deeper dive into the happenings on the front line as well as the quick thinking and decision making by the analyst in DC. For only a 13 episode season, the show grew quite the fandom and even though a secondRead More →

“Maybe hell is the perfect memory of everything that we’ve ever done.” There are episodes that we see on TV that are fleeting, episodes that we see but don’t remember or never truly reach us. Then there are some that stick with us forever. Episodes that no matter what happens,Read More →

“You’re a born liar and a master manipulator.” “Close To Home: Part 1” is one of the first episodes where I wasn’t left breathless and I think that was done on purpose. With the start of The Brave’s two part finale, I think the writers are setting us up forRead More →

“You know what, in our line of work, I think experience…it comes at a pretty steep cost…I lost sight of what made me better than them. I don’t know if we have to have a dark side to do what we do, Jaz, but I know that I met mine.Read More →

“I will give you nothing.” Once again, The Brave has me redacting my previous statement of “Desperate Times” being the best episode to date because the Monday night’s mid-season premiere of “Desperate Measures” officially takes that title. The tenth episode of this freshman season was worth every second of theRead More →

For all the heartbreaking and tear inducing moments outlined in our previous article, there are just as many uplifting, beautiful, blissful moments that take our breath away. This year most definitely didn’t disappoint and gave fans some amazing on-screen moments as well as behind the scenes victories that proved justRead More →

“There is no mission weighed as carefully or subjected to as much scrutiny as the one we are tasked with today…the targeted killing of another human being.” Forty-plus days; that’s how long we have to wait to see what happens to Jaz after the heart stopping fall finale of TheRead More →

“You know, Top, working undercover taught me that the best way to manipulate people is to nudge them to act according to their own nature. With this plan, you’re counting on the Spetsnaz to be good at their job. You’re counting on people to react professionally, to do what they’reRead More →

“Wise man once said, ‘without struggle, there’s no progress.’ If you don’t have a little bit of adversity, you never learn to cultivate resiliency.” I’m honestly at a loss of words to express how much The Brave’s latest episode, “It’s All Personal”, touched me. The performances by the entire cast,Read More →

“So how’s it feel to be a superhero?” “Not as sexy as I thought.” A “cover”; something one would expect from a special operations team. But The Brave’s sixth episode, “The Seville Defection” wasn’t just about Dalton and his team’s covers, it was about discovering that any and every one,Read More →

“Courage? No, you and your team are the courageous ones.” I only have one word for this episode of The Brave: emotional. “Enhanced Protection” is my favorite episode to date, though let’s be real, I feel that way every week with every new episode. But there was something so pureRead More →

“It’s your choice.” A statement that is so simple yet contains so much meaning, especially in yesterday’s episode of The Brave. “Your choice” resonated with me throughout this episode because every choice a member of the team made, the outcome of that choice would be huge and even life orRead More →

“We’re not the investigators…we’re the tip of the spear.” Coming off of the explosive (literally) pilot episode, The Brave continued its stride in being one of the best military shows to ever grace prime time. There were three key factors in this weeks episode that resonated with me: waiting, trusting,Read More →

“The defense of the United States and its citizens relies increasingly on two groups…the intelligence analysts in Washington who uncover and interpret threats, and the Special Forces operators tasked with eliminating them.” Those thirty-two words made everything real. NBC’s The Brave debut was everything we hoped for and more! HittingRead More →