The most important thing that a movie can do when it’s adapting a book is capture the spirit of the source material. We all know that when we say we want a “faithful adaptation” we don’t mean a scene-be-scene carbon copy. All we want ensures is that the very thingRead More →

When it comes to riding a bike, it’s something that should come second nature and is easy to do. Well, in the first clip from Fox’s The Darkest Minds, our protagonist Ruby Daly (Amandla Stenberg) discovers that driving a van — in the following circumstances — isn’t that. The Darkest Minds will live orRead More →

Read on into the afterlight because…The Darkest Legacy is almost here! We’re just a couple of short weeks away from the release of Alexandra Bracken’s companion novel to The Darkest Minds, which centers on Zu’s white-knuckle new adventure. Trust us when we say, this next Darkest Minds novel is going to blow youRead More →

Every Monday and Friday we’re bringing you The Darkest Minds content leading up to the film’s Aug. 3 release. Books and movies are two entirely different mediums. It’s why it’s virtually impossible for fans to be completely satisfied with a book-to-film or book-to-television adaptation. There are just some things that don’t workRead More →