One of the most anticipated tv shows of the fall without a doubt is The Gifted, the latest entry into the X-Men universe airing on Fox. Not only does it star all-star talent like Amy Acker (Person of Interest) and Stephen Moyer (True Blood) but also up and coming newRead More →


The trailers keep on coming, and we keep on watching to see what new shows we’ll make the time for. FOX has released new trailers for its newest fall series, including The Resident,¬†Ghosted, LA to Vegas, The Orville, and previously released X-Men drama The Gifted. Watch the trailers below: TheRead More →

Don’t call them X-Men. Call them Gifted. FOX has released the first trailer for its Marvel series The Gifted, which tells the story of a family on the run after they discover that their children possess mutant powers. Watch the trailer for The Gifted below: Action-adventure family drama THE GIFTED,Read More →