“Hello” may be the title of The Good Doctor’s Season 2 premiere. But this episode, written by star Freddie Highmore, is really about how we handle goodbyes. Highmore’s Dr. Shaun Murphy faces an actual goodbye and a possible one. The first, he can handle. His colleague Jared is leaving SanRead More →


Production is starting to ramp up for new and returning series this fall. We’ve rounded up some  of the casting & renewal announcements made over the past week. Legends of Tomorrow: Courtney Ford will return as a regular for the time-traveling superhero teamup show, playing Nora Darhk – last seenRead More →

A good season finale leaves the viewer hungry for more, not just because of a cliffhanger, but because of the strength of the story and the performances that bring it to life. In its first season finale, The Good Doctor delivered. “More” takes a slight step back from the ensembleRead More →

It’s not a good thing when the promo for next week’s episode sticks with a reviewer more than the episode she’s supposed to be reviewing right now. But that’s what’s happening for me with this episode of The Good Doctor. Despite an especially earnest performance by Patrick Sabongui as theRead More →

Physical pain is the body’s way of telling us something is wrong and needs to be treated. Sometimes we try to tough it out. Or we try to self-medicate – a route that too often ends up badly, because pain is a symptom and trying to numb it away doesRead More →

The Good Doctor is coming back! ABC has given an early season 2 renewal to the medical drama starting Freddie Highmore, something that should come as no surprise, since the show is ABC’s most watched freshman show in years. The news was announced by the show’s social media, with thisRead More →

The Good Doctor returns from its Olympics hiatus with a new surgical resident, an unusual organ donor, a WTF breakup and a teenaged girl who just wants a hug. Oh, and with the St. Bonaventure team in formal wear, which is never a bad thing. (I am a sucker forRead More →

Way back in my very first review of The Good Doctor, I wrote about my son, a college freshman with high-functioning autism. He never watches the show with me, though; he says it’s too predictable. “She” was one of those more predictable episodes, trotting out a few tropes while also making statementsRead More →

The wisdom of Dr. Shaun Murphy: There are seven reasons people tell lies. We don’t get to hear all of those reasons in this episode, but that doesn’t matter. “Seven Reasons” isn’t really about lying, even though lies play a part in both of the featured medical cases. “Seven Reasons”Read More →

Break out the box of tissues! The Good Doctor is back in tear-jerking form this week. “Islands Part 2” resolves last week’s cliffhangers in an episode that explores difficult choices — and letting go. Terrible choices The show opens with one of the no-longer-conjoined twins waking up for the firstRead More →

Freddie Highmore may not have won a Golden Globe for The Good Doctor on Sunday night, but his performance in Monday night’s “Islands Part 1” reminds us of why he was a contender. The episode takes his Dr. Shaun Murphy into new, sometimes uncomfortable territory, with a road trip thatRead More →

“Intangibles” gives us two sides of a coin. One one side, there is hope – the hope of a mother for a cure for her son, the hope of a woman waiting to learn whether she has cancer. One the other, there is fear – a doctor’s fear of failure,Read More →

“For want of a nail, the shoe was lost.” So goes the first line of a Mother Goose poem that runs through the consequences of that lost nail and shoe, right to the loss of a kingdom. An apple is The Good Doctor’s version of a horseshoe nail in thisRead More →

Let me start this review of “The Good Doctor” by going back to my very first review of the show. At the time, I was struck by “the bigoted attitude of the show’s medical professionals toward a person on the spectrum.” I also considered Dr. Shaun Murphy’s colleagues to beRead More →

Episode 1×06 of The Good Doctor deals with a massive emergency response, in a style reminiscent of one of my old favorites, ER. By some coincidence, “Not Fake” aired on the same day USA Today ran a long feature story on what happened at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas on October 1,Read More →

“A lie is a stone in your heart.” “Lying is an important social skill.” Two views of lying shared in episode 5 of The Good Doctor. As the old saying goes, honesty is the best policy – except when it isn’t. We’ve seen Shaun struggle with this concept before, and heRead More →

Just when I think I’m going to get through an episode of The Good Doctor without needing to dip into my tissue box, the show goes and hits me hard right in the feels. “Pipes” is all about pushing boundaries: in medical achievement, in personal relationships, in becoming an independentRead More →

Life isn’t fair, or easy to understand. These simple, common themes are at the heart of “Oliver,” whether one is struggling  to understand an uncommunicative coworker, or struggling to understand rules that won’t forgive a dying poor man a single slip – while letting a sick rich man get awayRead More →

Just two weeks into its freshman season, new drama “The Good Doctor” has been picked up for a full season of 22 episodes. The news from ABC comes after a strong second episode which scored a 2.2 in the Nielsen ratings for the key 18-49 demo, with no drop-off inRead More →

A few hours before tonight’s episode of “The Good Doctor,” I tweeted that I needed to make a stop for some tissues on the way home. After watching “Mount Rushmore,” I’m making plans for a Costco run, because I’m going to need a lot more tissues. Episode 2 takes theRead More →