If you’ve been reading us for long, you know we say whatever comes to mind and don’t hold back out thoughts. We’ve been passionate about The Hunger Games for years and were lucky enough to attend all of the premieres. We’ve spent time with the actors, we’ve spent a lotRead More →

If we’re being honest, we’re going to be 100% Batman because Robert Pattinson. And well, everything leads back to Twilight, including us. That’s how we started out. But how else we started out, well that would be The Hunger Games. And you know we get happy AF when fandoms collide.Read More →

The Hunger Games might’ve wrapped some time ago, but it’s about to make a comeback. Prequel style. Author Suzanne Collins announced that a Hunger Games prequel novel is in the works and slated for a 2020 release. The untitled new book, which will hit bookshelves on May 19, 2020, is set 64 yearsRead More →

To ship or not to ship. That’s a debate we’ve had for many years, about many shows, many couples. And even though we here at Fangirlish agree on many things, we don’t agree on everything, and one of the things we don’t always agree on is ships. Especially when weRead More →

When we talk about the flawless people of our time – one of the first names that jumps to mind is Jennifer Lawrence. Flawless hair, flawless jawline, flawless cheekbones – Jennifer Lawrence has it. We’re poor and there is no way that we can ever afford Dior, but we’re obsessedRead More →

Do I have a 4K TV? Nope. Do I even know what that is? Nope. Am I going to buy all four of The Hunger Games movies 4K series, complete with exciting special features, in four times the resolution for the brightest most vivid and realistic color? Yes. That’s noRead More →

Not that celebrity relationships are any of our business, but lets admit it – we are all interested. And we’re all intrigued as to what is going on with Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus. Are they or aren’t they? Well Liam addressed their relationship in GQ Australia, “People will figure itRead More →