We are heartbroken over the news that Godfrey Gao, actor and model, has passed away. The actor was filming the variety show Chase Me in China. He collapsed on set and his management company said that the first responders attempted to save his life for three hours. Early reports say that heRead More →


“Break my heart,” he said. “Break it in pieces. I give you permission.”  – Me before reading every Cassandra Clare novel One thing I’ve always appreciated about Cassandra Clare’s books is how layered they are. The first time you read them, they’re just pure entertainment. You laugh, you cry, youRead More →

We were at Bookcon this weekend celebrating Cassandra Clare and Lord of Shadows‘ recent release. There were fun giveaways from Simon & Schuster, including The Dark Artifices postcards, rune pins, and a gorgeous Lord of Shadows poster. On Sunday, Cassie had an autograph signing and a panel, where she talkedRead More →

We’re huge fans of Cassie Clare’s books – we’ve never made a secret of that or tried to hide it. We love the books and are excited for her next one, Lord of Shadows. The books cover was revealed last November at her event in Tribeca. Now, the jacket copyRead More →

With all the changes coming to Book Expo, BookCon is going to be a more sought after ticket than ever. We’re excited. Yes, we’re excited for BookCon. Why? Because two of the authors announced are our favorites. The Da Vinci Code’s Dan Brown and author of The Mortal Instruments series,Read More →

Guys – I don’t know about you, but there are days where I miss the movie cast of The Mortal Instruments. I don’t know about you but I keep up on their acting lives, cause you know – Fandom from the beginning and throughout. Kevin Zegers has signed on toRead More →

We would give a lot for an ARC of Lady Midnight – because we have made no secret that we are obsessed with the shadow world. Look, everyone has their favorite things and one of ours is Cassie Clare’s series. Cassie posted a video unboxing her arc on her TumblrRead More →