Meghan Markle is an inspiration. I don’t know how she handles all the things that she goes through with such grace and class. I would be calling a million people and cussing their asses out. Like seriously, don’t fuck with me. The Duchess doesn’t let all of the negativity stopRead More →


Have to admit that I am kind of sad that The Royals got cancelled. I loved the show and I loved the drama. I will admit – it ending on that cliffhanger kind of pissed me off. But being completely honest, I am not shocked that E! cancelled the show.Read More →

You know that we obsess over a lot and we make no apologies for it. It’s how our inner fangirl survives – the excitement. The drama. The will they or won’t they. One show we can’t get enough of is The Royals. If you thought your family drama was bad,Read More →

Our obsession with the royal family runs deep. We can’t deny it. Yesterday it was announced that Kate Middleton is expecting her third child and guys – we genuinely were excited. Prince Harry has been out on official duties and visited the NHS Manchester Resilience Hub yesterday, in Manchester, England.Read More →

There is excitement a brewing here, because Kate Middleton is pregnant! Prince William and Princess Catherine are expecting their third child. Kensington Palace confirmed the news today. “Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting their thirdRead More →

If there is one ship that we are all over – it’s Jasper and Eleanor from The Royals. We can’t accept what is happening with them – the whole idea of them being apart. It’s just too much to bear. It’s not that Jasper hasn’t done everything to make himRead More →

Sometimes, the alarm waking you up isn’t a bad thing. Especially when it leads you to look at your phone and see the E! has done the best thing possible and renewed The Royals for Season 4. Honestly, I feel like crying. This comes ahead of the Season 3 finale,Read More →

The penultimate episode of season 3 of The Royals gave us a new King of England. The Privy Council decided in Robert’s favor, however, a lot of things happened leading up to that decision and afterwards. So let’s start at the beginning… James Hill gets a call that could result in theRead More →