The Shannara Chronicles season 2 is bigger, badder, and like no other fantasy action series you’ve ever seen. It has richer story lines, more action, and new characters coming in to save the day alongside our favorites, including Wil, Eretria, and Allanon. If you haven’t caught up with the seasonRead More →

We talked ships that made our hearts full before, but right now we want to get more specific, we want to talk moments – those scenes that made our hearts beat faster, our breaths catch and our eyes water. Those moments that made us feel all the things. Because that’sRead More →

The Shannara Chronicles “Dweller” saw the fragile bonds between a lot of our core characters grow in strength and in numbers. It also saw Bandon returning to his former home, powerful and hungry to prove that others aren’t worthy of saving like the Ohmsford’s men believe. We even catch a glanceRead More →

Wil, Mareth, and Allanon part from Eretria and Garet on The Shannara Chronicles “Dweller.” The former are on a hunt for answers that could help stop Bandon and the rise of the Warlock Lord. The latter we’re not sure about. In the Kingdom of Leah, Queen Tamlin meets Bandon and comes toRead More →

The Shannara Chronicles “Graymark” gave us the reunion we’ve been waiting for, a daring rescue, and our first glimpse of Wil, Eretria, Mareth, and Garet teaming up. (Spoiler alert: we already love that last bit there and want more!) We also saw the Queen of Leah finally showing her trueRead More →

The reunion we’ve been waiting for is here in The Shannara Chronicles “Graymark.” Wil and Eretria will be reuniting just in time to find Allanon. He’s been taken into The Crimson stronghold by General Riga and both have an interest in saving him. Allanon is powerless against Riga because ofRead More →

The Shannara Chronicles returns for its second episode of season two with “Wraith.” And in a not so surprising move I don’t want to talk about Wil or what he was doing in this episode because they are bigger things that are still on my mind than Wil wandering aboutRead More →

The second episode of The Shannara Chronicles sees King Ander visiting the Kingdom of Leah and seeking an alliance with their queen. Eretria and Lyria are at the mercy of rovers and Mareth and Wil set their sights on finding Allanon and getting some answers. The bad guys are pretty busy too. BandonRead More →

The Shannara Chronicles returns one year after the events of season one and throws us right into the lives of Wil, Eretria, and the rest of the survivors of the Dagda Mor and the path of destruction he paved. The shows move to the Spike network by no means hasRead More →

Ever since The Shannara Chronicles announced their move to Spike TV we’ve been a little nervous. We didn’t want to loose the characters we loved or the way they were presented to us in their first season. Then the season two trailer for The Shannara Chronicles happened. Season 2 is set oneRead More →