Do I normally care about Batman? No. Not unless it’s to tell the world that I want to understand how anyone ever thought that Ben Affleck would make a good Batman. Cause that shit was bad choices on every level. But when you mention the name Robert Pattinson and myRead More →

Everything goes back to Twilight. You’ll never be able to convince me otherwise. But if you’re like me and Twilight was one of your favorite fandoms ever, you’re okay with that. And you love the shit out of all of the cast, so it doesn’t really matter what they doRead More →

HBO Max is live, and that means that Anna Kendrick‘s new show, Love Life is there also. Anna stars in a considerable amount of rom-com’s and one has to wonder, what is her stance on love? In talking to Emmy Magazine the actress was asked what she thinks of soulmatesRead More →

I am sure we’ve all seen our fair share of movies adapted from books but, what exactly does make a good book to movie adaptation? Now I’m no expert on this, but I am an avid reader who also loves film, so here are my thoughts on this subject. FirstRead More →

Everything leads back to Twilight. Well for us it does. We love our Twilight actors, so we’re interested in a new show because JD Pardo has booked a role in it. JD Pardo is set as a series regular opposite Jeremy Sisto, Archie Panjabi and Kevin Rankin in the TVRead More →

Oh Robert Pattinson, as we miss you more and more – we thank the lord for all the photos that come out with you in theme. We were thrilled to know that you are the face of Dior Homme’s fall 2016 campaign. “We approached Robert Pattinson for the Dior HommeRead More →