We’re just one week away from the DC mega-event known as DC FanDome, which will feature an array of panels covering our favorite DC movies and television shows.Read More →

The Batman keeps getting more and more interesting. Matt Reeves ‘The Batman’ has found its Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, and The Riddler.  We here at Fangirlish have been closely following the casting.  Here are the latest cast members heading to Gotham City. Zoe Kravitz: Selina Kyle/Catwoman I am very excited about thisRead More →

I would hate to be a casting director. Now don’t get me wrong, I love movies and television, but I am not one to actually see people in roles until they are there. Sure, I don’t agree with every casting directors decision, because put bluntly, I think some are justRead More →

If we’re being honest, we’re going to be 100% Batman because Robert Pattinson. And well, everything leads back to Twilight, including us. That’s how we started out. But how else we started out, well that would be The Hunger Games. And you know we get happy AF when fandoms collide.Read More →