With Cinderella starting to film in London, it seemed natural that we would turn to the Prince today. Hey, we’re all about Cinderella and think that this live action movie is going to be amazing. Nicholas Galitzine is hot. He sings, he acts, he is easy on the eyes. He’sRead More →


I apparently need to be in a relationship because I spend way too much time sitting on Instagram and looking at hot men. Judge me all you want. Ben Barnes is hot as fuck, and I’ve loved him for a long ass time. I mean, Prince Caspian! And you knowRead More →

I have always loved Jordan Fisher. The kid is uber talented and has a voice like an angel. And maybe it’s because I sat and watched a screener of P.S. I Still Love You that my heart skips a beat at the sight to the man. Trust, he’s going toRead More →

Well, This Is Us has returned and we get to stare at Justin Hartley some more. Yes, yes, this week’s Thirsty Thursday is all about Justin. Look, we know he’s an obvious choice, but after this weeks This Is Us, I can’t help it. Kevin Pearson pisses me off andRead More →

I love New Amsterdam. It’s one of my favorite shows. Don’t tell my sister, because she’s way into Grey’s Anatomy and doesn’t feel like any other medical drama compares. She may be older, but she’s apparently not wiser. New Amsterdam tells the stories of doctors working in a public hospitalRead More →

New Year and we are still thirsty. I mean does one ever get over being thirsty? Hot guys/girls/humans are everywhere. This year, I’m continuing my road down peoples Instagrams (cause I am addicted to the platform) and you may be shocked at who we’re starting this years Thirsty Thursday offRead More →

I’m deep in screeners of Spinning Out and this means I have a new crush. Lord help us all, Evan Roderick is hot. In Spinning Out he plays Justin, a bad boy pairs figure skater, who we all will be drooling over. So yes, this weeks Thirsty Thursday has usRead More →

Do I normally watch The Bachelor? Nope. I save that shit for my friends to talk about and allow that to be a time where I don’t feel guilty for tuning the fuck out. But for some reason, I am all sorts of intrigued with Pilot Pete. Do I normallyRead More →

I have a hard time believing that Chris Hemsworth didn’t know what a thirst trap was because his Instagram is one huge thirst trap. Like the kind where you either need a stock of batteries or a cold shower. That man is one sexy specimen which makes me reconsider myRead More →

The Hemsworth brothers are all specimens of hotness, but I have to admit – I have a favorite. I think we all do. Who is yours? Chris? Luke? Liam? It has to be Liam Hemsworth for me. I have loved him since seeing him in The Last Song – aRead More →

One Tree Hill has always and will always be one of my favorite television shows. So, as I put together this weeks gift guides, I had to think about who I was going to do for Thirsty Thursday, and no one has ever made me as “thirsty” as James Lafferty.Read More →

There is a lot of goodness in the world and one of those great things in the world are British boys. I know I can’t be the only one in the world that falls weak in the knees at a British accent. It was announced a few days ago thatRead More →

I am not a Marvel person. I mean, sure, I watch the movies, but ask me about the characters and their backstory and the snap and I will look at you like you’re dumb. Because I, unlike many people on this site, don’t dive way deep into the comics andRead More →

When I do my Thirsty Thursday column, a lot of the time I have to do a deep dive into a persons Instagram account to show just why they make me drool. But then you have those moments where you can be like, “Hello total package.” This is one ofRead More →

If we’re being honest, I had never really heard of the name Thomas Doherty before googling who the hot vampire was on Legacies. I knew the face and I couldn’t place it. And then as shitty as it sounds, I realized why I recognized the face – he’s Dove Cameron‘sRead More →

We’re obsessing over the greatness that is All American a lot lately. I mean we’re not complaining about it either. It just is what it is. This weeks Thirsty Thursday is again dedicated to one of the cast of All American, Cody Christian. We’ve been fans of his since hisRead More →

I love Michael B. Jordan. I mean if we’re being honest, who doesn’t? The man is beautiful, smart, kind, and incredibly talented. He’s been in some of the best television shows – Parenthood, Friday Night Light’s, The Wire. He transitioned to movies with 2013’s Fruitvale Station. I love him soRead More →

I have to admit that I am not the most knowledgable person when it comes to Marvel. I leave that up to Lizzie, and I learn from her. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the men of Marvel. It doesn’t mean that I am not thirsty for moreRead More →

When we sit back and think about Spiderman (don’t judge – that shit really happens), we don’t think of the Andrew Garfield or Toby Maguire version. Not to say that they weren’t good in their own right, cause sure… they were. But they are no Tom Holland. Part of meRead More →