It’s Thursday and Quarantine has made me thirstier than ever. So here I am, a girl sitting in front of her computer asking everyone to appreciate Henry Golding. Read More →

Thirsty Thursday – I love writing this every week, but to be honest, I have taken a break, because the world has taught me that a man can be hot, but just because they are doesn’t mean that they are someone worth drooling over. People have to have morals, standards,Read More →

It’s Thursday, we’re still in quarantine, and bored – so you know that means that we’re finding ways to entertain ourselves. One thing that has been entertaining and we haven’t had to force ourselves to watch is Never Have I Ever on Netflix. It’s one of the smartest shows outRead More →

I have so much that I want to write about Normal People, because I fell so hard for that show. It’s an absolutely beautiful 12 part series that tells the story of young love from its start to its ending. Which I hope is only an ending for now. NormalRead More →

Every week when I have to pick someone for Thirsty Thursday, it gets harder and harder. But that’s not because there are not a lot to choose from – there are. It’s because there are so many to choose from and well, I am not good at making decisions. ThisRead More →

I know, I know, I shit on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist left and right on my Twitter. But let me tell you that I have loved Skylar Astin for quite sometime. I mean if you can’t appreciate him in Pitch Perfect, we really need to reevaluate some decisions you’ve made inRead More →

Our latest obsession is The Baker and The Beauty. I mean, the show is cute and if we’re being honest, you can’t blame us for wanting to live in the fantasy of the world versus the reality of the world. We’ve been a fan of Victor Rasuk since Fifty Shades.Read More →

Do I know anything about Telenovelas? No. But when one of you slides into DM’s and says can we please talk about his Instagram and drool over him? Granted, I don’t agree with all but when I looked at Aaron Diaz’s Instagram, this man made me thirsty AF. I agreedRead More →

When I met Alberto Rosende a few years ago, he was one of the kindest, humble, and sweetest human beings. He was so thankful for his new found job – Simon Lewis in Shadowhunters. We talked about my feelings on Shadowhunters and his. We talked about his love of theRead More →

Another week and another Thirsty Thursday. With all the focus around Deputy and After in my life, I’ve been trying to decide who would be this weeks Thirsty Thursday. Who keeps me drooling? Who is hot AF? The list is long. But also who seems like a good guy. AndRead More →

I’ve seen the Sprouse twins on television for what feels like my entire life. They are so different – even though they look the same. I think that with Cole, his blunt, don’t give a fuck, live life to the fullest attitude, is part of what is so attractive. AndRead More →

It’s Thursday and that means that I am focusing on the fact that I am single and alone and showing my inner Instagram stalker. John Boyega. I love him in Star Wars, but I also love that he is always spilling the tea, no matter what people think. He’s aRead More →

Do I watch Riverdale? Nope. But do I love me some P.S. I Still Love You. I love a good Rom-Com and I love a good actor. Ross Butler is a great one. He’s sweet, shy, strong, vulnerable, and everything in between. At least the roles he plays. And heyRead More →

With Cinderella starting to film in London, it seemed natural that we would turn to the Prince today. Hey, we’re all about Cinderella and think that this live action movie is going to be amazing. Nicholas Galitzine is hot. He sings, he acts, he is easy on the eyes. He’sRead More →

I apparently need to be in a relationship because I spend way too much time sitting on Instagram and looking at hot men. Judge me all you want. Ben Barnes is hot as fuck, and I’ve loved him for a long ass time. I mean, Prince Caspian! And you knowRead More →

I have always loved Jordan Fisher. The kid is uber talented and has a voice like an angel. And maybe it’s because I sat and watched a screener of P.S. I Still Love You that my heart skips a beat at the sight to the man. Trust, he’s going toRead More →

Well, This Is Us has returned and we get to stare at Justin Hartley some more. Yes, yes, this week’s Thirsty Thursday is all about Justin. Look, we know he’s an obvious choice, but after this weeks This Is Us, I can’t help it. Kevin Pearson pisses me off andRead More →

I love New Amsterdam. It’s one of my favorite shows. Don’t tell my sister, because she’s way into Grey’s Anatomy and doesn’t feel like any other medical drama compares. She may be older, but she’s apparently not wiser. New Amsterdam tells the stories of doctors working in a public hospitalRead More →

New Year and we are still thirsty. I mean does one ever get over being thirsty? Hot guys/girls/humans are everywhere. This year, I’m continuing my road down peoples Instagrams (cause I am addicted to the platform) and you may be shocked at who we’re starting this years Thirsty Thursday offRead More →