This was the moment we’ve all been waiting for since the series first premiered last fall. This episode had everything we ever wanted. And I was so blown away by how perfect that iconic transition was. Let’s take a deep dive because I just want to talk about it! AllRead More →

Dick Grayson is ready to do his penance for what happened to Jericho while the rest of the team is off getting into trouble on their own. This episode also gave us a new origin for Grayson’s iconic mantle. And I’m pretty sure fans won’t be happy about that butRead More →

DC Universe has finally announced that their flagship series will return next fall “bluer” than ever! This renewal for Titans comes during a pretty uncertain time for the streaming app, now that HBO Max is ready to launch. DC Universe had already confirmed that their other live action superhero series, Doom Patrol,Read More →

As the saying goes, the chickens have finally come home to roost. Dick comes clean to the team about what really happened to Jericho and now he has to deal with the fallout. In the meantime, everyone has seemingly gone their separate way leaving Gar and Conner behind at theRead More →

This episode finally gave fans the backstory they’d been waiting for since Dick Grayson returned to Titans Tower at the start of this season. Last episode, Dick told Jason that he killed Jericho’s son. And although I find it hard to believe that Dick would actually kill an innocent, IRead More →

The best Titans episode from last season took us straight into the mind of Dick Grayson. Although, ‘Bruce Wayne’ is not quite on the same level as last season’s ‘Asylum’, the episode proves once again that the main focus of the show is and always should be it’s central hero andRead More →

He’s here! We’re finally meeting Superboy and I couldn’t be more excited. Conner Kent is one of the most interesting characters that is connected to Superman’s mythology and bringing him in opens the show up to a world of possibilities. Let’s get right to it and see what Con wasRead More →

Picking up right where we left off in episode three, this week picks up twenty two minutes into Jason’s abduction. The team is scrambling to find their young member as a friendly face returns to get everyone back on track. To echo Rachel’s thoughts, thank God for Kory, because thisRead More →

This episode was a complete blast from the past. There have been plenty of teases throughout the series about what dismantled the original team. This week, we finally learned what happened five years earlier. It turns out that I was right about one thing in my last review. Donna didRead More →

Normally, I would write about several of my favorite things about an episode of Titans, but this week there is only one moment I can’t stop thinking about. Sure, there were other great things that happened during the episode, like Donna full out swinging a motorcycle at someone and KoryRead More →

The OG team of Titans are feeling haunted this week and it’s probably for good reason. We may not know what that reason is yet, but I’m betting we’ll find out by the end of the season. What we do know so far is that Deathstroke had something to doRead More →

The second episode of Titans season 2 was filled with more setup for the season to come. We saw the introduction of villain Dr. Light, who seems to be coming for the Titans now, and Rose Wilson, who was training with Dick before the team found out that her fatherRead More →

Now this episode felt like a season premiere! With a three month jump since the last episode, a lot has changed in the world of Titans. It’s almost as if this episode gave the series a face lift because it feels different. With the introduction of a couple new characters, this episodeRead More →

When sitting down to write this intro to my thoughts on last week’s Titans premiere, I feel the obligatory need to use the line that almost every other article and review has used. But I won’t, because I don’t succumb to peer pressure. Okay fine: “Titans are back, bitches!” Well,Read More →

Titans is back, bitches!!!! After months of hiatus, the DC Universe flagship has finally returned. Last season ended on a major cliff-hanger, with Dick Grayson being overtaken by the darkness. This episode picks up right where that left of. After watching this episode, I’m pretty sure this was meant toRead More →

With only a week and a half to go before their highly anticipated premiere, DC Universe has released an official full trailer for the second season of Titans.  The trailer is full of new scenes that we haven’t seen yet and it does give us a better idea of whatRead More →

The new season of Titans is coming Sept. 6, and it will have plenty of new faces added to the cast. We caught a glimpse of some of them in the trailer last week. Since there are often many versions/stories of every character in comic books, I thought I wouldRead More →